Google Maps: What it is and How to get Started


Google Maps is a tool associated with the process of using maps distributed by geographic information on the internet. This tool is owned and developed by Google. It provides street maps, imaging satellites, 360-degree paranomic street view, and route planning for travelling by car, foot, bikes, or public transportationmeans.

Google Map Sign Up: How to Get Started

This web-based application provides every detail concerning a geographical area and places around you and all over the globe. In addition to the provision of real time road maps, this map tool offers street views which comprises of photographs andimages taken.

Using this service is as easy as it could be. With this service, you get just the right details to keep you informed, you get real time directions to locations, full time traffic details to find out the path for your destination, the right parking spot and so much more.

Uses of Google Maps

This Google Maps service is a very useful and a time-saving app, it has numerous uses and is used by drivers everywhere in the world. Now we will look at some of the uses of this tool.

  1. You get real-time directions for your journey – this tool provides a location service for drivers that use of the Global Positioning System location of a mobile device together with dataand other wireless networks.
  2. This tool allows users to include maps into a site such as an estate guide or a community service site.
  3. Measures distances between locations.
  4. The route planner provides real-time directions for drivers, walkers, and users of public transport  that are on a trip from one particular location to other locations.
  5. The street view feature lets youexplore and discover the ins and outs of a street and cities of the wholeworld.
  6. This service also offers clear imagesof the moon, the sky, Mars and so many others.

How to Get Google Maps

The Google Maps app for Android and IOS devices was launched in 2008. The current and simplified version of this tool was later released in 2013 and it turned out to be the most popular and most used the app for smartphones. If you want to join in funhere’s how to get this app:

  1. For Android devices, download the Google map app from your Google play store, while for IOS devices; download the app from your apple store.
  2. Once the Google play store or apple store is open, search for Google Map and install.
  3. After it has been installed into your device, you can now open the map app.
  4. From here you will see all directions and tabs which you can use to operate your map app, it is so easy and convenientto use.
  5. Please note that most phones alreadycome with the app pre installed.


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