Google Maps Traffic: Everything You Need to Know


In Nigeria and other populated part of the world, traffic is known to be very high especially in a very busy area. Traffic can sometimes discourage you or make you late for an appointment. Google maps is a great app that makes navigating and avoiding traffic easier. Google map is an online web mapping software that give you direction and ensure you never get lost. It also helps you navigate through traffic and can even help you avoid traffic. Google maps traffic is an extension or rather an inbuilt feature for the Google maps platform. It gives users a real time traffic report.  Google maps traffic feature can be accessed via the Google maps app for mobile devices or via the Google maps official online website. Countries in the world.

Google Map Sign Up: How to Get Started

How Google Maps Traffic Works

Surely you must want to know how this mazing platform is gathering this information about real time traffic conditions. Well it is very simple; the traffic frequency is simply monitored by the Google maps via analyzing of GPS determined locations transmitted by a large number of smartphone users. This is done by calculating the speed of users along a length of road.

What do the Colored Lines Represent on the Google Maps Traffic Report?

Understanding a Google Maps Traffic Report can be a little difficult. Here are what the lines mean on Google Maps:

  1. The common lines mainly visible no matter how small they may see are the dreaded red lines. This line on the map means highway traffic is moving at less than twenty-five miles or forty points two kilometres per hour and could easily indicate an accident on that route.
  2. The yellow lines. The yellow lines on the Google map traffic mean that traffic is moving faster from twenty-five to fifty miles. In other words, traffic is moving faster from forty points two to eighty point six kilometers per hour.
  3. Green lines on the map indicate zipping or travelling along fifty miles per hour or more.
  4. While for insance you see grey lines on the map, it means there is no traffic information available at that time.
  5. Lastly if you see red-black lines, it indicates an extremely slow or stopped traffic.


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