Google Maps Get Directions: What You Need to Know


As we all know Google maps is a mapping platform service developed by Google. The platform offers satellite imagery, street maps, three sixty degree panoramic views of streets and real-time traffic conditions. With the platform, you can set a destination and choose what you are travelling by and it will give you a brief course and an envisioned time of which you’ll get to your destination. Google maps, is such an efficient and time-saving platform. It is considered one of the best mapping platforms if not the best mapping platform in the world.

Google Map Sign Up: How to Get Started

How to Access Google Maps

To gain access to the platform or service, you will need a Google account and an internet enabled device. Additionally, you can also download the Google maps application for your device and start using the Google maps get direction feature. You can learn more about the google maps get direction feature by visiting the official Google map website where you will find their help center and ask any question bothering you.

How to Access the Google Maps Get Directions Feature via PC

You can access the Google Maps get directions feature on different platforms like your phone, PC, tablet etc. This portion of our article will talk about accessing the get direction feature via a PC. To access and use the Google maps get direction platform via your pc, simply;

  1. Boot your PC and ensure that you are connected to the internet.
  2. Visit the official Google maps website at On the web page, click on directions and then choose what you are travelling by.
  3. You can either choose that you are traveling by a vehicle, train, foot, a cycle or by flight. Click on any of the means you are travelling and then set your current location and your desired destination.
  4. The moment you do that, you will automatically be shown on your android device the fastest route to travel and an estimated time with which you tend to get to your destination.

That’s all, all you need to know about the Google maps get direction platform. For more information or answers you can visit the official Google maps help center webpage


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