Google Drive: What You Need to Know


 Google drive is a file storage and synchronization provider developed by Google. The Google software drive was released on the twenty-fourth of April 2012.

Google Drive Online: Everything You Need to Know

Uses of Google Drive

The platform lets users save documents on their servers, synchronize documents throughout devices, and distribute files. Further to an internet site, it offers apps with offline talents for windows, macOS computers, and Android and iOS smartphones. It circumscribes Google medical doctors, Sheets and Slides, an office suite that allows collaborative enhancing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, paperwork, and more. The platform offers users with fifteen-gigabyte cloud storage via google one. If in case you wish to increase this storage you will have to subscribe or pay for it. The platform can offer users one hundred gigabytes, two hundred gigabytes, two terabytes, ten terabytes, twenty terabytes, and thirty terabytes respectfully with a fixed price.

Features and Benefits of Google Drive

The benefits and features of the platform are;

  1. With the platform, you can easily backup your precious files.
  2. Secondly, it makes work faster and easier as you can easily work on the file and transfer them to friends, family or co-workers without having to worry much about the size of the file.
  3. Another prime benefit is that you can easily use the app to access and view documents in case of a corrupted file browser.
  4. There is also an efficient built-in search engine to enable you to quickly find your files on the platform.
  5. Google drive also has a feature called the optical character recognition feature. This platform is capable of scanning through documents saved by other users and finding the word or name you searched for.
  6. Plus, as an added advantage, you can use the platform to share photos and videos with your contacts.
  7. There is also an editing feature on the platform. You can easily use this platform to open and edit virtually all kind of documents.
  8. This feature is recognized more like a neat feature than a benefit. This feature is a fantastic built-in image recognition technology. This Google drive image recognition technology feature actually recognizes the content of your picture.

Again this platform is entirely free, so you see you are bound enjoy every bit of it. All you need do is a Google account and the official Google drive website at You can also download the Google drive from your device play store.


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