Google Drive Pricing: What You Need to Know


The Google Drive storage has improved in the Google Drive Pricing system in ways that gives customers and users the options to purchase this Drive storage service at more lower and affordable prices. And this marks the very first price cut for this service in the whole four years of its existence.

Google Drive Online: Everything You Need to Know

The American Search Giant, Google, has officially dropped down the prices for its Drive online storage service. However, the first constant 15 Gigabytes of storage remains free, but the 100 Gigabytes presently costs just 1.00 dollars per month instead of 4.99 dollars – how amazing!

The most amazing part of this whole price drop is that you can now purchase a Terabyte for your online storage for just 9.99 dollars per month instead of 49.99 dollars – can you see the difference? If you really need lots of storage space, then you are able to get 10 Terabytes for 99.99 dollars for a month and then add more storage space from here.

For most users, even just one Terabyte of storage space is more than enough for a long period of time, even when they store tons of files on the Drive. Just like every other time, the storage works fully across the Drive, Google plus photos, and your Gmail. You can start signing up to these new plans today and if you have been subscribed already, you will be automatically directed to a better plan, all for free.

Significance of Google Drive Pricing

Previously, Google has introduced Google Drive Pricing system, a plan that provides you with enlarged storage and helps you get a better experience when surfing on Google. Recently, users of the Google Drive storage service have been upgraded to new plans due to the drop down of the online Drive storage service. And starting now, people can now enjoy this service at very low and affordable prices.

  1. More Storage At Affordable Prices

You instantly get more storage space across Drive, Photos, and your Gmail, all at lower costs. And with more storage provide for you, your most relevant files and memories are safe guarded by the cloud and are always available on your device whenever you are in need of it. The prices of these plans have been adjusted so you can find the one that best suits you.

  • More Help Whenever You Are In Need Of It

As a number of users of this service, you get just what you want easily and without stress, with the new plan options bought by Google.

  • More For You, Friends, And Family

Do you know that with the new Pricing system and new plan options, you can freely share your plan with other five family members? Amazed, aren’t you? Yes you can! This actually means a simplified storage footed with just one bill.

  • More Benefits for Users and Customers.

You get extra benefits across the Google Drive service as you get more than enough storage at very low prices. Keep an eye for Google Drive and more benefits to come.

Enjoy the Google Drive Pricing Today

Now for you to start enjoying the Google Drive Pricing system, you have to start buying your plans today. The prices for these plans are as follows;

  • 15 Gigabytes – free
  • 100 Gigabytes – 1.99 dollars per month
  • 1 Terabyte – 9.99 dollars per month
  • 10 Terabytes – 99.99 dollars per month

Now for you to get started on your affordable storage plans, here’s how to make a purchase;

  1. On your web browser, visit this link,
  2. Make your preferred choice of a storage plan.
  3. Click on “Choose”.
  4. You will be given some instructions in order to make your payments, carefully follow these instructions.
  5. Click on “Buy”.

There you are! You can now enjoy your Google Drive Storage service however and whenever.


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