Google Drive Online: Everything You Need to Know


File sharing is one of the key features of any of the latest cloud service. This includes the Google drive as a whole, the most famous cloud storage alternative of all. Although all cloud storage services work similarly, but it may take some time for those new to cloud storage to learn a few things. This article will act as a basic tutorial on everything Google drive. This article will teach you about the Google drive folders and person files, as well as the benefits of using them individually, along with its Google docs and office suites

Google Drive Online: Everything You Need to Know

What is Google drive?

Google drive is a cloud storage provider. Its primary goal is to allow you to keep files on far flung servers in preference to your laptop’s hard drive. Doing so saves a lot of space on your hard drive or device, it also helps you to sync files between devices and share documents without having to cope with problematic mail attachments.

A primary Google drive account is a hundred per-cent free and it gives you 15GB cloud storage. Even as shared with Google photos and Gmail, that’s one of the most generous of the free cloud storage plans you can find around. If you want more cloud storage space, you can buy some from Google at a specified cost.

Uploading Files on Google Drive

Before you would be able to share a file with Google drive, you would have to upload it to a Google server. The Google company’s servers are located round the globe, even though most are within the U.S. This helps quicker statistics access in general, as well as faster uploads to the server.

To add documents to Google drive, you can either transfer file location to your Google drive sync folder (in other words, you have to move them) or upload them using the Google drive internet application or mobile app.

Instead of uploading files individually, you can also upload folders. Any file that is up to 20TB can and will be uploaded, that is a huge cap via cloud requirements. The only exception to this rule is Google docs, Slides and Sheets files.

File Sharing with Google Drive

This was one of the many uses of the initial Google drive. This would allow you to share file with friends colleagues and relatives if you so desire. You can start doing this immediately you upload files to your drive cloud storage. The best thing about this service is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, this is to say that there are no restrictions. There are three options to do this these are

  • The normal share
  • View on the web, and
  • Copy to clipboard

The copy to clipboard option will generate a unique URL link that anyone you send it to can see the files.

Google Drive Online

The Google drive online is a way to access Google drive on the web using a PC or a mobile phone. You can access any Google drive documents and files on the web by providing the mail address and the password. To access Google drive online navigate to, and input your login credentials and you are all done.


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