Google Assistant’s Oscar Spot Alter Scenes from Hit Movies


Google assistant recently released a new spot, the spot paid homage to scenes from hit movies. The Google assistant spot was released during the Oscars, a night dedicated to celebrating the best films of the year. Google decided to follow suit to the purpose of the night. The released a Google spot that paid homage to some classic movies.

About the Google Assistant Oscar spot

In the Google assistant Oscar spot, Google transported some characters from top classic movies into modern day times. Google showed us how differently the plot of some movies would have been if the characters had access to Google Assistant. Google altered scenes from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Lady Bird, Jerry Maguire, Hangover and featured Deadpool. The spot starts with the scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey where Hal asks the computer to open the pod bay doors. In the spot, when the computer doesn’t open the door, he asks Google’s assistant to the doors and it does. The spot then turns to Stu from the Hangover, we see him scrolling through his photos from the night. The photos are displayed via Google Assistant using his Pixel 3.

A scene from Lady Bird is also featured in the spot, in the spot we watch the scene when Lady’s bird mother nags her about her future. As her mother nags on, we see her arranging a Lyft ride on her Pixel as she jumps out of the car. Drew Barrymore’s character from Scream Casey Becker is also featured in the spot. In the spot, we see Casey Becker survive the attack by using Google Nest/ Home Hub to pinpoint the killer. The Google spot also features Cuba Gooding Jr in his kitchen saying “show me the money” and to which Google shows him on his Home Hub. The spot ends with Deadpool asking the assistant to check his calendar to give him his schedule for the day. Then the assistant replies that he is to appear in a Google commercial to which he says that it would never happen.


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