Good Cause Marketing Campaigns: Examples of Good Brand Purpose Campaigns


Purpose-driven marketing has stepped up from something done occasionally to a norm for every brand. At the latest Cannes Lions 2019 Festival, purpose-driven marketing was a major theme. From the Grand Prix winners, we observed that cause marketing was a theme most of the winners shared in common. Brands everywhere in the world are showing that they a purpose-driven and that they care about real issues. Studies back up the fact that today’s consumers especially Millennials and Generation Z are interested in brands who are purpose driven. According to a study by Mintel 56% of Americans will stop buying from brands that they believe are unethical. A global study also showed that 91% of consumers were likely to switch to a brand that supports a good cause, given similar price and quality.

Based on the study, many brands who don’t have a cause marketing strategy have started to develop one. Others who already have one are working on improving them. With cause marketing, it is very easy to miss the mark especially if you are not being authentic about it. For cause marketing, to work, you have to be authentic and genuine or you could lose today’s consumers forever. On this post, we will be disusing some examples of good cause marketing campaigns. To catch our post on bad examples of bad cause marketing campaigns, please click here.

Good Cause Marketing Campaigns: Coca Cola

Good Cause Marketing Campaigns: Examples of Good Brand Purpose Campaigns

Polar bears are usually featured in Coca Cola ads and have been like an unofficial mascot for the brand. The brand found out that polar bears are endangered because they are losing their home. The brand then decided to partner with World Wildlife Fund to raise money for research and conservation efforts that will help preserve the melting ice caps which are the polar bear’s homes. Most of the funds raised came from text messages, consumer of soda drink sent in package codes which cost to $1 per message. The brand’s goal is to raise $2 million per year for the next 5 years.

Good Cause Marketing Campaigns: Dove

Good Cause Marketing Campaigns: Examples of Good Brand Purpose Campaigns

Dove the Unilever owned brand has been on a mission to help women look and feel beautiful for some time. They launched a campaign called the real beauty campaign. It involves the brand offering care products and educational workshops which focus on the value of body image and self-worth.

Good Cause Marketing Campaigns: Patagonia

Good Cause Marketing Campaigns: Examples of Good Brand Purpose Campaigns

Most of Patagonia’s campaigns have supported their environmental vows. One of such campaigns is their 2016 Black Friday sale, they donated the sales profit made from that day to local, environmental NGOs. Another campaign that comes to mind is their subversive ‘Don’t buy this jacket’ campaign. The campaign helped raise awareness over the dangers of fast fashion and the importance of recycling clothing.


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