Goldberg Beer Unveils a New Golden Look


Goldberg Beer which is known as a cultural staple in Nigeria recently unveiled a new golden look. The brand which has sustained the spirit of celebration and cultural heritage for years has decided to unveil a new look. The unveiling of Goldberg beer’s new golden look was made at Ariya Repete. Ariya Repete held at the Ikeja City Mall, Lagos. Goldberg beer’s also unveiled a new theme, “The Mark of Respect.’’ The beer brand’s new golden look speaks to its respected status in the beer community as a cultural symbol.

Goldberg Beer Unveils a New Golden Look

Goldberg Beer Unveils a New Golden Look

For many years, the beer brand has been one of the regional mainstream brands for South-West Nigeria.  The brand has been able to position itself as a brand which represents cultural heritage and excellent craftsmanship. Goldberg beer is often found at cultural events and its panegyric element is synonymous with the Yoruba’s oral tradition. This tradition has been passed down from one generation to another to preserve history and culture.

With the new look, Goldberg Beer is trying to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity. With the new look, the brand is hoping to appeal to the next generation of consumers. They want to appeal to the next generation of consumers who share the values of respect, enterprise and dignity.  The new-look includes a new label, a new crown cork and a newly formulated Lager. The newly formulated lager promises a great tasting experience. With this new look, the brand seeks to further establish itself as the market leader.

Goldberg Beer Speaks on Its Past and Future

The Senior Brand Manager, Goldberg and Life, Maria Shadeko spoke about what has made the brand stand out as a market leader in the past and how their future (the new look) will affect their consumers. She talked about how the beer is an ideal complement to consumers who place value on tradition, respect and culture. She stated that with the new look, they are offering more than just high-quality taste for pure enjoyment. They are offering an enhanced visual delight which will make it the choice lager beer for every connoisseur.

She stated that with the new theme “mark of respect”, they will be speaking to the excellent craftsmanship and impeccable quality of beer. This will elevate its credentials to a position of reverence and admiration.

More Details about the Brand

The brand has been very busy this year, they have unveiled a new brand ambassador. They have also successfully sponsored the 2019 edition of Ariya Repete. Now they are reinventing themselves in a new and exciting way.


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