Global Cinema Advertising is the Second-Fastest Growing Ad Medium of 2019


Marketing intelligence service Warc recently released an early forecast. In the early forecast, Warc revealed that global cinema advertising is the second-fastest-growing ad medium of 2019. Cinemas advertising is just behind internet advertising for 2019. According to the forecast, it is expected to grow by 6.8% from 2018, which equates to a worth of $4.6bn. This early forecast is ahead of Warc’s all media growth forecast of 4.6% for 2019 (to $624.9bn).

Global Cinema Advertising is the Second-Fastest Growing Ad Medium of 2019

Global Cinema Advertising is the Second-Fastest Growing Ad Medium of 2019

According to Warc, it has been a steady incline for cinema advertising. Even though its small, cinema’s 0.7% share of global ad spend is expected to hold steady in 2019. This has made it be the only medium other than the internet not to lose share. According to Warc’s data, cinema advertising Figures has dipped only twice since 1980 (1994 and 2013). It also showed that growth in cinema ad investment has generally tracked ahead of other traditional media since 1981 and consistently so since 2014.

China is the largest cinema advertising market globally, with RMB11.9bn (US$1.8bn) expected to be spent this year.  According to Warc, this figure equates to a 47.3% share of global cinema ad spend when measured in purchasing power parity terms. The US is the world’s second-largest cinema market with a projected value of $735m this year.

A sample report of Warc’s latest Global Ad Trends report on cinema is available here.


Why Brands are Investing in Cinemas Advertising

Brands like to invest in this ad medium because they get a captive audience who is able to view high-quality ads in an emotional atmosphere. According to research from Ebiquity, ads from the cinema outperforms all other media at triggering an emotional response. It guarantees a safe environment and gets ads noticed. Despite its ability to trigger an emotional response in viewers, it scores the lowest in increasing campaign ROI, maximising campaign reach and generating short-term sales.

Another draw for brands with this advertising medium is that it attracts a younger and more affluent audience who tend to be lighter TV viewers. According to IPA TouchPoints 6, cinema delivers a more positive emotional experience than any other AV channel. Kantar Millward Brown also found that among ‘Gen Z’ (16-19 year-olds), cinema is the most popular traditional advertising medium. According to their research, 59% feel’ positive about it’ (compared to 34% for print, 38% for TV and 50% for outdoor).


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