Giudecca Art District: Venice to Launch Permanent Giudecca Art District at Biennale


Venice’s island of Giudecca recently announced that it would be opening the city’s first official permanent art quarter. This permanent art quarter would be called the Giudecca Art District.  The Giudecca Art plans to build on its very significant contemporary art legacy. They will also be building on their proximity to the Biennale. The Giudecca Art District will create and link existing contemporary art spaces to establish a permanent art district on the former industrial island of Giudecca.

Giudecca Art District: Venice to Launch Permanent Giudecca Art District at Biennale

The Giudecca Art District

Venice plans to launch the Giudecca Art District at the 2019 Venice Biennale. It will encompass 11 art galleries and art spaces, the art district would officially open in May. Here are some of the galleries and art spaces which would make up the art district. They plan to still announce more later:

  • Giudecca Art District Gallery
  • GAD Project Rooms 1 and 2
  • Spazio Raunich
  • Chiesa delle Zitelle
  • Oficine 800
  • Galleria Sant’Eufemia
  • Chiesa Sant’Eufemia

The opening of the art district will see over 60 artists from 30 countries who will be included in 20 exhibitions. The founding art directors of the Giudecca Art District include Venetian art directors Pier Paolo Scelsi and Valentina Gioia Levy. Big time exhibitions opening with the district’s launch include installation Body as Home by acclaimed artist Aleksandra Karpowicz with October! Collective, and the Take Care of Your Garden exhibition in which the work of eight international artists will be exhibited in a large outdoor garden.

About Giudecca Island

Giudecca’s contemporary art scene has exploded in the past two decades transforming the island from an industrial slum to one of Venice’s most exciting new districts. What was once a Bronx with canals is now a Venetian Shoreditch, boasting the city’s most exciting art galleries, edgy hotels, art inspired eateries and industrial chic, as well as celebrity residents including Elton John and Miuccia Prada, while artists who have exhibited on the island in the past include Marina Abramovic and Ai Weiwei.


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