Girls Connect Initiative: Airtel, Girl Effect and iSON Team Up to Empower Vulnerable Girls


It has been recently announced that Airtel Nigeria has partnered with Girl Effect and iSON group. The Telecom service provider, NGO and Tech Companies are teaming up to present a new service called Girls Connect Initiative. The aim of the Girls Connect Initiative is to empower rural and vulnerable girls in different areas of their lives. These areas include finance, entrepreneurship, health, safety, economic empowerment and so much more.

Girls Connect Initiative: Airtel, Girl Effect and iSON Team Up to Empower Vulnerable Girls

About the Girls Connect Initiative

The Girls connect initiative is an innovative IVR (interactive voice response) service that enables girls to listen to pre-recorded stories on their mobile phones. They will also be able to connect to specially trained role models who can answer their questions. The objective of Girls Connect Initiative is to give rural girls a voice.

Girl Effect and iSON Group have already run a successful pilot of the Girls Connect Initiative. They ran it across five locations in Kano in 2018. The campaign ran for 8 weeks, 44,000 calls were made to the service. It has been live in Kano and Edo since last year. The Girls Connect Initiative offers Hausa and Pidgin language options.

How the Girls Connect Initiative Works

To gain access to the service, the girls will simply dial a number.  A pre-recorded message which contains inspiring, entertaining and educational lessons about growing up will be available. These messages were created to teach the girls how to speak up and to help them to find their path. The messages will also teach them how to nurture meaningful relationships. They will cover a wide range of issues like health, education, safety etc. The girls will also get the opportunity to talk to role models who have been trained to answer the girl’s questions.

Airtel, Girls Effect and iSON Speak on the Girls Connect Initiative


Emeka Oparah the Director of Corporate Communications & CSR, Airtel Nigeria spoke about the service. He spoke about the pride Airtel feels in being associated with Girls Effect and iSON. He also spoke about how excited he was that they were working to empower girls across the country. Oparah spoke about how he hopes the program will inspire, empower and encourage girls to do and achieve more. He hoped that this service will help the girl to change the world.

Girl Effect:

Hadeezah Haruna-Usie, Deputy Country Director at Girl Effect Nigeria also made a statement about the service.  She spoke about how it is already empowering girls, she talked about how the girls from the pilot phase are already putting into action what they have learnt. She said that with the partnerships they are able to scale the programme to reach more girls. With the partnerships, they are also able to eliminate barriers.

iSon Group

iSON Group’s Founder and Chairman  Ramesh Awtaney also spoke about the service. He spoke about how the service provides the girls hope to live powerfully at a free cost. He said the service is a collaborative effort of how tech and content can be used to fortify the bond of human race.


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