Gap Uses Contemporary Dance to Demonstrate the Versatility of Denim


The Gap is turning 50 and in a bid to celebrate its 50th anniversary and the fact they are going into a new era, the brand has launched a new campaign. This is the denim brand’s fall campaign and it is called ‘It’s Our Denim Now’. The brand released a spot as part of the campaign and in the spot we see, Gap use contemporary dance to demonstrate the versatility of denim.

Gap Uses Contemporary Dance to Demonstrate the Versatility of Denim

Gap Uses Contemporary Dance to Demonstrate the Versatility of Denim

This fall campaign will be the first work from Johannes Leonardo’s for the clothing brand. The campaign aims to demonstrate the diversity and variety of denim Gap. It also sends the message that when you feel comfortable in your own skin, you can feel empowered to move towards an optimistic future.

The spot is directed by Fleur Fortuné and it is set to ‘Move Together’ by Ndidi O. It starts in an industrial warehouse space and right at the centre is a denim tower. Dancers start to perform round the tower, every dancer has on a pair of denim on. They use the denim as a medium and they seamlessly flowing around each other. As bodies overlap, the denim changes and as the contemporary dance evolves, the dancers morph and mould into a wide range of denim styles and fits

Gap will release the spot on its official website, its social media platforms, YouTube and span across mobile, social, video and digital.

Video of It’s Our Denim Now: Anthem (:60s)

Gap and Johannes Leonardo Speaks about the Campaign

Alegra O’Hare the senior president and chief marketing officer at the brand spoke about the campaign. She talked about how Fall is momentous for the brand because they are celebrating their 50th anniversary. She also mentioned that Fall is momentous because it is a new era for the brand. O’Hare explained that the brand wants to use this campaign to make an impactful statement visually. They also wanted to celebrate their heritage as a denim leader while cementing its future as a brand for all generations. She mentioned that this campaign is just the beginning and that there’s more to come.

Samira Ansari, group creative director of Johannes Leonardo also spoke about the campaign. She talked about how the campaign was the first creative endeavour between the agency and the brand. Ansari talked about how the brand’s deep heritage in fashion. She talked about how it has an incredible effect on culture over the past century. She talked about how denim has and would always be a form of self-expression and individuality. With the campaign, they want to show diversity for fits and people by celebrating a generation empowered by their individuality.


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