Game of Thrones Whiskey Collection


HBO and Diageo have partnered up to create a limited edition Game of thrones Whiskey Collection. The Game of thrones single malt whiskey collection was created to celebrate the show’s eighth and final season. The Game of Thrones Whiskey Collection was inspired by different characters in the world of Westeros and beyond.

Game of Thrones Whiskey Collection

What You Need to Know About the Game of Thrones Whiskey Collection

Like it was stated earlier the Game of Thrones Whiskey Collection was inspired by Game of Thrones characters. The collection will have 8 scotches, each scotch is inspired by one of the Houses of Westeros and the Nights Watch. With the Game of Throne Whiskey Collection, fans can get the taste of the Seven Kingdoms and beyond. All the scotches in the collection will be in a 70cl volume. Each scotch in the Game of Thrones Whiskey Collection will contain varying alcohol percentage volumes. The alcohol percentage volumes will vary between 40 to 51.2 per cent. The entire collection cost $1,188 through the Asher BWS’s online store. It will also be available at 1885 The Bottle Shop.

The Game of Thrones Whiskey Collection

The Game of Thrones Whiskey Collection will see the House of Stark represented by Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost. The House of Stark is represented with Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost because the Stark’s home Winterfell is very similar to Dalwhinnie, seeing as they are both cold and remote. The House of Targaryen is represented by while House Targaryen is represented by Cardhu Gold Reserve. The representation is a nod to the fiery spirit of Daenerys Targaryen. It also celebrates legendary women and their unwavering perseverance.  House Lannister is represented by the Lagavulin nine-year-old. The representation mirrors the meticulous calculation and tenacity employed by the Lannisters as the rose to conquer the Iron Throne.

The other Houses featured in the collection include House Tully (The Singleton Glendullan Select), The Night’s Watch (Oban Bay Reserve), House Greyjoy (Talisker Select Reserve), House Baratheon (Royal Lochnagar 12- Year- Old) and House Tyrell (Clynelish Reserve). This won’t be the first time HBO and Diageo will be working to create a cognac for the series. In the past, they both worked to create the White Walker by Johnnie Walker. The bottle was inspired by the show’s immortal villains.

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