Game of Thrones Brand Partnership Review


Welcome to Sekere’s Podcast, On this episode, the Sekere Team and our guests will be sharing their opinions on all the Game of Thrones Brand Partnerships for the final season.


Christiana: Welcome Sekere News podcast… My name is Christina and I’ll be your host for today. My guests today are Semira, a brand manager at a communications firm. Ik a major Game of Thrones fan.

Christiana: Today… as you guessed will be discussing all the Game of Thrones brand partnerships. To promote the final season of Game of Thrones, HBO partnered with a lot of brands to help finance the show and to also get fans excited for the show, especially since they had to wait a whole year to watch the show.

Christiana: We’re going to be reviewing the creative brand partnerships as brand analysts and as devoted Game of Thrones fans. We will talk about the partnership’s that stood out and piqued our interest as Game of Thrones fan.

Christiana: Semira would you like to start us off…

Semira: Sure…Thank you for having me on the show.

Christiana: You are welcome.

Semira: Yes. So one of my favourite brand partnerships is the Johnnie Walker one… the rebrand of…the special edition bottle for Johnnie Walker, which is the White Walker whiskey.

Christiana: Yes…. Is it Whiskey?

Semira: Yeah, I think so. Yes…. I absolutely like that. I like the campaign and then I also like that it was very cohesive with the Johnnie Walker brand and then the Game of Thrones brand.

Semira: And then the other for that item was very very interesting. It didn’t take too much away from the Johnnie Walker brand, but at the same time was able to connect with the Game of Thrones brand message as well. So I thought was very great.

Semira: Another one And I really liked was The Mountain Dew one… A can has no name and that was Arya’s kill list. I thought was extremely clever especially because you know… when it’s Frozen….when the can is frozen… it reveals the names of people on her kill list. So that was absolutely brilliant.

Semira: And then my third favourite was the Oreos limited edition cookie box, and I also thought I was creative and I liked the re-creation of the title sequence with cookies and I think was over 2,000 Oreos cookies.

Christiana: Yes it was over 2,000 Cookies.

Semira: Yes… Yeah, so I thought it actually really… pretty interesting… something interesting to look at and some of the other campaigns that didn’t really hit anything with me or hit anything for me…

Semira: Like the AT&T experience centre and I’m just like, okay we’ve done enough experience centres already. I felt like there won’t be anything interesting… even though I didn’t experience it for myself, but it wasn’t something that I was like…that would be nice to experience and then then…. I think that was the major one I was like nothing interesting here.

Semira: Yeah, so that’s for me.

Christiana: All right. Thank you… Ik. What do you think about the brand partnerships?

Ik: Hi Semira, Hi Christiana

Semira: Hi

Christiana: Hi

Ik: Particularly for me was…Addidas, American Red Cross and Diageo that got my mind.

Ik: Firstly, the American Red Cross came from a different angle such that it was more corporate social responsibility. So to say I mean, you donate blood and then you get the opportunity to sit on the throne and then…

Ik:  For Diageo, I mean it was… it had a couple of…That’s different Whiskey Bottle with different sigils for these bottles….I mean…I for one would love to have a collection of all that…I mean not like I’m a huge fan of whiskey and all of all that but because of the difference to it… I mean, I would want one.

Ik: And then the Mountain Dew… the fact that I would have to look for a can that has all of all that and then has to be frozen for me to pull out Arya’s name, her kill list so to say. Ik: I mean…its something creative and just as usual something more than… I mean it’s youthful, it is creative, it is exhilarating and yes… but then again, generally for all of them. I think… I mean the partnership with Game of Thrones and then these brands

Ik: Typically and I would also want to say… I mean… it drives value, generates leads, growth and increases the visibility and all of all that for these brands.

Ik: I mean, like I said early on I’m not a huge fan of alcohol, but then again having those sigils on those bottles is something I will want to have in my house.

Ik: And then I liked the Addidas Ultra boost campaign. I mean, I would want one of those as well. I am not a fan of Addidas, I rather do Nike but just because of this particular…

Semira: Yeah I agree.

Ik:  I would want to do Addidas.

Christiana: Okay for me. I like the Foxtel one… Foxtel is the only station in Australia that gets to air GOT. So what they did was they created a cemetery to honour the dead… all the characters that died in Game of Thrones.

Christiana: And I thought like if you had something like that in Nigeria, I’ll definitely want to go there.

Semira: To the cemetery?

Christiana: Yeah…it was it was very nice.

Semira: Yeah I don’t think so for me

Christiana: Okay because of Nigerian culture…but I think it was very nice…you would have like…every  major person who has died… so they had…

Semira: There will be a lot of backlash.

Christiana: In Nigeria…but in other places…

Ik: Diabolical

Semira: Yes

Christiana: Yes but if I had travelled to Australia at the time and I saw something I would definitely want to do that. So they had like the Stark Mausoleum for people who had died. So you go there… it was a really nice tribute… I think it was very creative and it was a great way to get fans excited about the upcoming show.

Christiana: And then, of course, the Mountain Dew one… Everyone has already talked about it. The can that has no name… that was very creative and it was… I would definitely want to get it… If you’re into collecting things it is something you would definitely want to get.

Christiana: Then for ads…  I like the Bud Lights ad…their Super Bowl ad…I thought it was very funny because that was the first brand partnership, I think Game of Thrones actually… Bud Light

IK: The one that had the mountain…

Christiana: Yes…that was like the first brand partnership they actually did…. And that just reminded is us that… Oh! Game of Thrones is coming up and they’re partnering with other brands.

Christiana: It was one of the best Super Bowl ads as far as I was concerned. It was very shocking or something we did not expect and it was so exciting. So I definitely liked that. Christiana: Okay, I’ll talk about it as a brand analyst for Mountain Dew. I thought was a very brilliant idea because people are going to buy their brand unlike Bud Lights ad at the Super Bowl… who is going to really…. based on that I might not buy it I just thought it was exciting and that’s the end of it.

Ik: I think Mountain Dew was explosive

Christiana: Yes. It was very explosive and it would also bring in money for them because people want to buy it. If they should bring it to Nigeria, I am sure there would be a ton of people would want to get it.

Christiana: It’s just like Cokes put… say your name.

Ik: Yes say your name.

Christiana: Yes I think it would be really explosive.

Christiana: Another one I liked was the… like you said was the Whisky collection one. It was a very nice collection. I do not take Whisky but…I would like to have something like that if I’m into collecting items also, which I am technically…

Christiana:  Then I want to talk… Some Nigerian brands actually partnered with…

Semira: Yes.

Christiana: Yes, they partnered with them.

Ik: Which of them please?

Semira: There was the Go Money one…

Christiana: Go money and Peak milk.

Ik: Was it a serious partnership with them?

Christiana: I don’t think it was a serious partnership. I’m not sure…

Semira: But what we observed… I think for me… I saw the Peak milk ad and I was like what is the relevance of this?

Christiana: Yes, the Peak milk ad was not… it was not relevant at all. If it was not adapted to the story. It was not adapted to the Nigerian market…because Peak milk was supposed to sell in Nigeria. It had nothing to do with Game of Thrones. I felt that they just wanted to get in on the action. It was just..

Ik: That’s the thing many of them just want to get in on the action.

Semira: But the Go Money…Oh! I was impressed

Christiana: Go Money I liked it. It was…

Semira: I want to check them out

Christiana: I want to check them out. You should check it out…the Go Money ad was very nice.

Semira: It was very interesting.

Christiana: it was very interesting to watch but the Peak milk one

Semira: But for Go Money, I don’t think they did enough promotions for that because…it was very very tiny. So they should have done maybe some social media marketing.

Christiana: I think they did because I saw a few people share it but…

Semira: But it didn’t reach a lot of…

Ik: Sorry to cut you short… I think for Peak milk, if they something in line of milk of the poppy and then built on it.

Christiana: Probably

Ik: It will affect people… you know.

Semira: I don’t think it was well thought out.  I thought it was a last minute thing.

Ik: I have not seen it but from your description. I think it was just…

Christiana: It did nothing for me as a Game of Thrones fan. It had no relevance to the milk. How does milk apply… it wasn’t thought out at all, that was very disappointing for me.

Christiana: The Go Money one… I have already talked about that..

Christiana: Then Urban Decay… I am kinda on the fence with that  they created like a makeup line inspired by Game of Thrones. I like that.

Christiana: I am not a makeup person per say…but I thought that… if you are a makeup person and also a fan of Game of Thrones you would definitely want to buy that.. I’m more on the fence…so I am just going to give it maybe a 7 over 10 or like a 6 over 10 if I was going to rate it. So it wasn’t bad.

Christiana: So does anyone have any other thing to add?

Ik: Sorry… Nobody is talking about Twitter… I mean they had limited emoticons for all the characters.

Christiana:  Oh, wow. Wow.

Semira: On Twitter?

Ik: Yes

Christiana: Okay. I haven’t seen that one. So Semira do you have any other thing to add?

Ik: And then the MGM Resorts. I mean where there was the Fountains.

Semira: I saw it

Christiana I saw it

Ik: I think it was nice. I mean not like you had any particular story to tell. But I mean the concept of having to listen to the music. I mean, it’s very it’s very soothing and it’s very…

Semira: I think people are a little sick of…

Ik: I think I am addicted to the Game of Thrones theme song. That’s alright for me. I mean there was no action to all of all that except the usual back and forth of… I don’t know how the fountain thing works but then again it was something very soothing very relieving and yes and then for such places, I think it will drive… just a few… considering how many people might like this. It might just drive a large audience to them. I’m not sure but yeah,

Semira: I feel like it might not really have any relevance to anything.

Christiana: Yes I didn’t really like it because I thought it wasn’t thought out just play the music and then added a fountain show.

Ik: I think it was very soothing and very relieving.

Christiana: To me it wasn’t thought out…if you see the Foxtel one…like I saw some of the tombstones… it was so detailed like they put a lot of thought into it.

Christiana: So I feel if you are going to do something like that.

Semira: You are very interested in the cemetery thing.

Christiana: Yes…I’m very interested. I am really interested… It was a lot of thought and they had like wordplay that has to do with the way that they died. As a Game of thrones fan I am sure you want to do see something like that.

Christian: So if  you are going to do a fountain show. I feel like they could have done so much more.

Christiana:  Snapchat also partnered with Game of Thrones to create a filter. So if you’re next to the… I think is the Flatiron Building in New York, you’d go to your Snapchat app and go to the filter and you take your picture next to the ice dragon in front of the… Dragon is perched on the flat iron building. That was also very smart very very brilliant. But I wasn’t impressed with the fountain…it was just the music.. anyone can do that.

Christiana: So, I think that’s all for today. If you want to find out more about the brand Partnerships, you can go to www., and  type in Game of Thrones brand partnership.

Christiana: We will have a list of all the brand partnerships. We can look at them. Then if you have any reviews to…anything to add… if you want to agree, you want to disagree. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Christiana: Thank you Semira, Thank you Ik for coming in today and thank you to our listeners for listening to our podcast.



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