Funke Akindele Announces Dettol Clean Naija’s National Handwash Challenge


Funke Akindele recently announced that Dettol would be running a Handwash challenge. The handwash challenge is part of the brands bigger Clean Naija campaign. Funke Akindele made the announcement at the popular Silverbird TV breakfast show, ‘Today on STV.’ On the show, Funke Akindele talked about her career, motherhood and her CSR work on promoting hygiene and good health in Nigeria through Dettol’s Clean Naija Initiative.

Funke Akindele Announces Dettol Clean Naija’s National Handwash Challenge

Funke Akindele Speaks on Dettol’s Clean Naija Initiative

At the show, the actress spoke about the Dettol Clean Naija initiative. She talked about how there’s a need for better general health practices including daily hand hygiene as this singular act can prevent the transmission of a lot of diseases. By doing this, Funke Akindele believes that families and communities and families can become healthier and happier. She also talked about why the Clean Naija campaign was created. She stated it was created to achieve a cleaner nation through the continuous habit of proper handwashing and personal hygiene.

They have been trying to achieve the mandate with mass awareness campaigns, social education and provision of infrastructure towards proper hand hygiene habits. According to Funke Akindele, their main goal is to get 20 million clean hands by the end of the year 2020. She also talked about how she believes that achieving this goal is very achievable especially with Dettols wide range of products. Some of the products include the antiseptic liquid, the anti-bacterial soap and hand sanitizer. She believes these products are instrumental in achieving their goal.

Funke Akindele Announces Dettol’s Hand Wash Challenge

At the Silverbird breakfast show, she also announced that the Clean Naija campaign is also hosting a National Hand Wash Challenge. The challenge is a social media campaign that will help raise the consciousness of Handwashing amongst active Nigerians.

She employed people to join the challenge to help raise awareness. To join the challenge people simply have to take a picture or a video of themselves washing their hands. After that is done, they are to post it on social media and tag @DettolNigeria and @Cleannaijang. They should also tag 5 of their friends to do the same using the hashtag #DettolCleanNaija and #NationalHandwashChallenge.


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