Fortnite Might Just be the Next Social Media Platform for Gen Z


Fortnite a social media platform? Who would have thought that this gaming platform had more in common with Twitter than it had with Call of Duty? Thanks to a new study, that information has just been revealed and it is very shocking. According to the study, Fornite is a new kind of social network for Gen Z and brand’s should be looking for ways to dominate this platform.

Fortnite Might Just be the Next Social Media Platform for Gen Z

About Fortnite

It is free to play and is accessible on everything from a console to a mobile phone. In the game, the 100 players are dropped into an area and the last person standing wins. The winners obtain unique items called “skins,” allowing the player to equip their avatar with different gear. In some cases, this gear can be branded apparel.

 What the Study Revealed about Fortnite as a Social Network

The study was conducted by NRG, a brand consultancy agency which specializes in the intersection of entertainment and technology. The study revealed that unlike other platforms and services, Fortnite uniquely combines benefits from gaming, social media and streaming platforms. This offers its user a singular and unique experience. According to users, this platform is great because it is the best place to be their authentic self. It also provides them with a way to connect to what everyone is talking about making them feel like they are not alone.

The study attributes the games ascension to social network status due to its popularity on Twitch, the Amazon-owned streaming platform. This engaging game has both the largest audiences and most streamers on the service. According to Henry Cowling the creative managing director at MediaMonks, Fortnite is the new Facebook in some ways. This is because Millennials and Gen Z are much more used to living on the platform.

Fortnite and It’s Potential to Brands

According to the NRG report, the age demographic between10 to 17 play the game at least once a week. They spend 25 per cent of all of their free time playing the game. This higher than any other form of entertainment. This makes Fornite, a ripe platform for brands who’s demographic is within that age band.

Right now brand’s can’t advertise on the platform using traditional methods. But some brands are already finding creative ways to tap into the community. The National Football League recently inked a deal that allowed players to equip their avatars with any jersey from the league’s 32 teams. Nike is another brand that’s tapping into the community. They recently dropped a pair of exclusive Jordan’s that could only be obtained through the game. Avengers and John Wick’s franchise also used the platform to promote their movies. They allowed players to play as characters in the movie and gave them special ammo.

What do you think? As a brand would you consider advertising on the platform?


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