Ford Shows the Confidence of Everest Sport Drivers in Latest Ad


Ford recently released an ad in Australia to promote its latest car. The spot is titled ‘handle any situation in an Everest Sport’. It was created with creative agency BBDO Australia and it is aimed at showing how confident Everest Sport drivers are. In the spot we see how competently a father answers the dreaded e ‘where do babies come from?’ question while driving the Everest Sport.

Ford Shows the Confidence of Everest Sport Drivers in Latest Ad

About the Everest Sport Ad

The campaign is centred on the idea that the driver can deal with any problem when they are in the car. In the ad, we see a young boy asks his dad the feared question ‘where do babies come from?’ and his dad answers the question with perfect biological language. While he answers, the ad cuts between views of the car taking on a long journey, pulling along a boat.

The ad, by BBDO Australia, launches across online and offline channels this week and will run across the Australian summer months.

Ford Speaks about the Spot

Daniella Winter, GM marketing, Ford Australia spoke about the spot. She talked about how the Ford car is the ultimate family vehicle, designed to withstand everything that the Australian landscape has to throw at it, as well as providing a comfortable ride to handle other situations (like the one in the spot).


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