Ford Repositions its Brand with New Campaign


In a move to reposition its brand, Ford with the help of its innovation partner Wieden + Kennedy is ushering the brand into a new era with its new “Built Ford Proud” campaign.

The Future Is Built | Built For Proud

In the brand’s new ad “The Future Is Built”, they use the star power of breaking bad actor, Bryan Cranston, to highlight their new focus and attitude. In the ad, he notes that the future isn’t created by talk but the future is built. The ad positions Ford as a brand committed to not just talking about the future but a brand dedicated to building it. Many speculate that this ad is a brush-off to its competitors.

Ford Repositions its Brand with New Campaign

The Family Name

In the brand’s second ad “The Family Name,” the brand position its self as a family business. The ad focuses on the brand as a family brand highlighting its legacy and its commitment to its special set of values and integrity. Ford executives say that the campaign is deeply rooted in the fact that the brand is a family business, something that they claim is uniquely Ford.

Ford Repositions its Brand with New Campaign

Built For Everything

In the brand’s third ad “Built For Everything,” the brand showcases the Ford Escape “the car you want when you want an SUV” and “the SUV you want when you want a car”. The car perfectly bridges the gap between practicality and luxury.

Ford Repositions its Brand with New Campaign

From the brand’s recent campaign it is clear the brand is the brand of the future. Ford is positioning itself as the brand of the future while still leveraging on its 115 years legacy. The various campaigns highlight Ford’s passion, innovation and commitment to building great vehicles and signals the brand’s ambition to be the leading car brand of the future.  

In other repositioning efforts, Ford will also introduce new customer service focused actions. This includes the introduction of an all-new reward scheme called  FordPass. FordPass is a customer loyalty program which would be debuted in earlier parts of 2019. The reward scheme would be modelled after frequent flyer rewards and would be available through the FordPass app. It will enable customers to earn points that can be used toward sales, service and other experiences.

The brand would also be reducing the time for ordering new vehicles. This will ensure that dealers and customers get the latest vehicles more quickly.


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