First Citizens Bank: A How to Guide on Getting Started


First Citizens Bank is headquartered in northern California and is operated by First Citizens Bancshares. This bank is widely considered a business bank.  The bank operates is eighteen different states in the United States, it also has a branch in Washington D.C. The bank is currently the sixth largest bank in the south-east. They currently operate a total of 575 branches. The bank currently has over 30.7 billion dollars in assets, 18 billion dollars in loans and 21.6 billion dollars in deposits.

First citizens’ bank offers a complete line of services based on finance, including business banking, investing service, personal banking, insurance services, and many more. They have a full-service branch called RTP. They have a savings account which requires no minimum monthly fee or balance.

First Citizens Bank: A How to Guide on Getting Started


First Citizens Bank’s Savings Account

The First Citizens Bank savings account has the following perks:

  1. They offer a low minimum deposit fee
  2. They grant easy access to funds
  3. Compounded interest is on a daily basis and is credited monthly to your account.
  4. Their customers get a free visa debit card or an ATM card.
  5. Transfers, deposits, and withdrawals can easily be done with your card from any ATM station.
  6. Get free access to digital banking
  7. You can set up a free tablet and mobile banking alert.

Below are the basic requirements you will need to open an account at First Citizens Bank:

  1. A valid driver’s license
  2. Your current address number
  3. A copy of your US social security number
  4. You must be above 18
  5. Finally, you must be a US citizen or have residency.

Now, to open an account online, follow the guidelines listed below;

  1. From your web browser visit
  2. Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and carefully select your country by hitting the drop-down arrow beside the text that says “The State of Residence”
  3. To proceed, wait for the page to load
  4. Once the page loads, follow the necessary steps to complete your application

That’s it, just in case you are having issues, call their customer care at 1 888 323 4732

How to open an account with First Citizen Bank  Account Offline

This process is very easy, Follow these procedures to open an account offline

  1. Log in to Google maps from your device and search for First Citizens Bank
  2. You would see a list of all the branches, locate the one closest to you and go there
  3. When you get there, visit the customer care section and request to open an account
  4. Follow the instructions you are given and your account will be set up and functional in minutes


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