FedEx partners with Walmart, Pizza Hut to Test Delivery Robot


A lot of brands in the food, shipping and retail business have started to experiment with more automated delivery options. Some brands have or plan to experiment with drones, self-driving cars and robots to help make deliveries. With the move to more automated delivery options, brands are hoping to reduce the high cost of deliveries. Walmart and Pizza Hut are one of such brands who plans to move to a more automated delivery system. Last year Walmart worked with Ford to test self-driving cars as a way to deliver groceries. Now Walmart and Pizza Hut are working with FedE to test a delivery robot.

FedEx partners with Walmart, Pizza Hut to Test Delivery Robot

About the FedE Partnership with Walmart and Pizza Hut to Test Delivery Robot

 According to sources FedEx is partnering with Walmart and Pizza Hut to test a delivery robot. The tests are said to start this coming summer, the delivery robot will be tested to see if it can handle home deliveries. Walmart and Pizza Hut are not the only partners FedEx is working with on the delivery robot project. Some of their other partners include AutoZone Inc and Target Group. They will all be working together to see if the delivery robots and autonomous delivery systems, in general, are a viable delivery option.

 FedEx and its partners will determine if the delivery robots are truly a fast and cheap delivery option. Not a lot of information has been revealed about how the tests will run but it is said that for the project to be considered a success. It has to win approval in all its test cities which includes FedEx’s hometown Memphis. The first deliveries will be between FedEx office stores.

About FedEx’s Delivery Robot

For the delivery robot project and the whole autonomous delivery project as a whole FedEx will be teaming up with DEKA Development and Research Corp. The founder of DEKA Development and Research Corp founder Dean Kamen who invented the Segway stand-up scooter. He also invented the iBot stair-climbing wheelchair.

 The robot is battery powered and looks like coolers on wheels. It has cameras and software that will enable it to detect and avoid obstacles. The delivery robot is said to move at a top speed of 10 miles (16km) per hour. FedEx plans to add the delivery robot, if successful to its SameDay service. The SameDay Service operates in 1,900 cities around the world.


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