FCMB Mobile Banking Short Codes: How to Get Started


First city monument bank (FCMB) is a financial services provider based in Nigeria. The financial institution was founded by Subomi Micheal Balogun. FCMB is one of Nigeria’s most respected banks, they offer great and excellent financial services. This article on FCMB is going to discuss their mobile banking shortcodes. The FCMB mobile banking shortcodes is a fast, easy, secure and reliable way to bank without stress. There are numerous things you can do with the FCMB mobile banking shortcodes as it offers 24 hours banking

FCMB Mobile Banking Short Codes: How to Get Started
FCMB Mobile Banking Short Codes: How to Get Started

Benefits of the FCMB Mobile Banking Codes

With the FCMB mobile banking codes, you can effectively top up your airtime, pay Dstv bills and so much more. As the USSD codes vary so also the benefits vary. There are a lot of benefits of this banking platform and here are a few of them:

  • The convenience of managing and running your finances easily at your preferred time.
  • Easily run your account from anywhere as you have unlimited access.
  • Online real-time account monitoring facility.
  • Easily request, confirm and stop cheques.
  • Easily transfer funds within the first city monument bank (FCMB).
  • Quick change your password and account details in case of emergencies or theft identity.
  • Freely, easily and securely request for cheques book, drafts and ATM debit cards.
  • Unlimited access to check your balance, monitor transactions and print your statement.
  • The convenience of conducting bank transactions from the comfort of anywhere.

The FCMB mobile banking shortcodes is also an effective, cheaper and easier way for individuals to communicate and share their opinion with the bank. You also get a single view of all your FCMB accounts showing available balances including credit cards, loans, and deposits accounts.

How to Activate FCMB Mobile Banking Short  Codes

Before you start to use the FCMB mobile banking shortcodes you should register it first. However, if the phone number you are using is the one you used to open your  FCMB bank account then your mobile banking has already been activated. But if you do not have that number anymore, dial the USSD code *389*214#. Next, choose the method in which you want to activate that number. You can activate your mobile number with your card, account or wallet. Choose option two and then enter your account number. You will receive a message saying you have been successfully synchronized. Call the FCMB contact line at 01-27-98800 or visit any FCMB branch to generate your pin and it will be sent to your mobile phone within minutes. You can now start using the FCMB mobile banking shortcodes by dialling *389*214#. You can also change your default pin by clicking on security.


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