Facebook Wants to Help Brand Reach Sport Fans at the 2020 Olympics with New Campaign


The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is coming very soon and many brands are already developing their marketing strategies for the big games. Well, Facebooks wants to help these brands reach their target audience, especially the sports fans at the 2020 Olympics. They recently launched a new campaign, the campaign is its official countdown to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The campaign is called ‘Give Your Game Everything’ and it was created by the platform’s in-house creative shop. The campaign aims to help advertisers prepare for their marketing activation during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Facebook Wants to Help Brand Reach Sport Fans at the 2020 Olympics with New Campaign

How Facebook is Preparing Brands for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The campaign is based on the insights uncovered by Facebook IQ.  Facebook IQ is the digital insights and market research arm of Facebook. Facebook IQ commissioned YouGov to survey 9,173 people aged 18-64 in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom in April 2019. The survey results highlight the way that sports fans consume their favourite sports. It also highlights the multiple apps and content formats they engage with during the Olympics.

Armed with this information brands and marketers can better prepare for the big games. Facebook is hoping that by understanding the shifts in consumer behaviour. The advertiser will be able to build ideas that connect with real people’s behaviour on the platform. Even if they are not official sponsors.

The information Facebook is providing is especially important for advertisers who are not official sponsors. This is because they have to find creative ways to capitalize on the buzz around the game because of “Rule 40” of the IOC Charter.

About “Rule 40” of the IOC Charter

“Rule 40” imposes restrictions on those participating in the Games from taking part in advertising. It also restricts their name or image to be used for advertising purposes, during the Games unless the advertising is for an official sponsor.

Facebook on its Give Your Game Everything Campaign

Sandra Marichal, the marketing insights manager for APAC at Facebook IQ spoke about the campaign. She stated that when people seek connection, commiseration and community during international sporting events, they turn to Facebook’s family of apps and services. Marichal explained that with the hype and anticipation surrounding the events, people will be expressing their fandom in ways that are newly possible. She also explained that these facts present new opportunities for marketers, media planners and creative teams. She then expressed her excitement to be partnering with these teams to build campaigns with impact.

For advertisers who are interested in the campaign insights, they can access it through a microsite. The microsite publishes articles on how they can use the Facebook family of apps and other social media during global and sporting events like the Olympics.

Source: Drum


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