Facebook Portal Unites a Face Masked Kim Kardashian West with J Lo and A-Rod


Facebook recently released an ad to promote its Portal technology. The Facebook Portal ad features some big stars like Kim Kardashian West, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. In the Facebook Portal ad, we see how the technology unites a face masked Kim Kardashian West with J Lo and A-Rod.

Facebook Portal Unites a Face Masked Kim Kardashian West with J Lo and A-Rod

About the Campaign

With the campaign, Facebook is trying to show how it’s Portal technology is a great tool for keeping people connected. They use two famous celebrity friends, J LO and Kim Kardashian West who have been friends for years to demonstrate its uniting abilities. In the ad, we see how despite leading very busy lives and residing on separate coasts, the two always try to find time to keep in touch about everything. They do this by using Facebook Portal technology. We see how with the Facebook Portal technology it can be like the are in the same room together. We even see J LO’s fiancé, A-Rod also pops in.

Facebook will be debuting 3 videos to promote its Portal technology. All the videos will feature the two celebs and the campaigns will be social media campaigns. The campaigns celebrate their friendship, brought to life through video calls over Portal. Through Portal’s Smart Camera, which automatically adjusts to keep them in the frame, they’re able to feel together, even when they’re miles apart.

More about the Campaign

In the first ad which is called ‘Quality Time,’ we see the two chatting while wearing beauty masks. They start to talk about their “top secret” ideas for their holiday party when J LO’s fiancé A-Rod enters the room with Lopez, dressed in identical pyjamas and face mask, causing an awkward silent moment.

To see the rest of the videos, Facebook is urging fans to tune into the stars’ social channels, as well as the Portal from Facebook social channels (@portalfromfacebook on Instagram and Facebook and @portalfacebook on Twitter).


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