Facebook Plans to Merge Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram into one Messenger


Rumours have been circulating around that Facebook plans to merge the chat app functionality of Whatsapp with its other apps which are Instagram and WhatsApp. According to the rumours, they merged messenger app will become a single product. Recently a statement which was delivered to the New York Times may have confirmed the rumours. According to the statement, Facebook plans to consolidate the 3 chat apps into a single app service that will still exist within the already existing infrastructure.

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How would Facebook’s Cross-App Messaging Platform Work?

According to the statement, Facebook is trying to streamline its offerings by helping users cross-pollinate through all its app ecosystem. In the statement, Facebook expressed their desire to build the best messaging experience for its users. They know that people want messaging to be fast, simple, reliable and private. With this new plan that will allow cross-app messaging, they plan to meet this desire. They are already working on making more of their messaging products end-to-end encrypted. The social media network wants to make it easier to reach friends and family across networks.

Facebook plans to allow the 3 apps to exist as standalone apps. With this cross-messaging apps, users can message someone on Instagram without actually having an Instagram account. They will also be able to message a user directly on Whatsapp’s from Instagram or vice versa. For this to work, the social media network will have to ensure that all the 3 apps support end-to-end encryption. Currently, Instagram doesn’t have the feature, end-to-end encryption will ensure that the messages sent will be read by the sender and recipient. According to some sources, the new cross-messaging feature will be ready in 2020.

How Can Facebook Benefit from the Cross-App Messaging Platform?

According to sources, the social media platform could greatly benefit from the streamlining of the 3 different apps. With the allowing cross-app messaging, they won’t need to develop a competing version of new features like stories and status. They will also be able to allow share data across the three platform. This will help to consolidate their advertising efforts.


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