Facebook Open SBG Operation Centre to Support SME Advertisers in Africa


Facebook recently opened a Small Business Group Operations Centre in Lagos. This SBG Operation Centre was opened to support SME advertisers in Africa. The centre was opened in partnership with Teleperformance and its goal is to serve SMBs across Sub-Saharan Africa.  This centre will support advertisers across the region through its Advocacy, Community & Education (ACE) programme.

Facebook Open SBG Operation Centre to Support SME Advertisers in Africa

About Facebook’s SBG Operation Centre

Facebooks’s centre will be providing outsourced support to all English speaking advertisers across Sub-Saharan Africa. They will be doing this through its Advocacy, Community & Education (ACE) programme. The programme aims to build engaged communities who are growing their businesses, organisations and communities through social media. SMEs in this program will get the opportunity to attend online training that’s focused on how to leverage mobile and social media to build brand awareness, increase sales and connect more meaningfully with customers.  SMEs in Nigeria will do face to face trainings.

Facebook’s SBG Operation Centre will also serve as a networking opportunity. SMEs in the programme will be invited to join online Facebook Groups, and have the opportunity to learn from community managers, share knowledge and expertise. It will also have a marketing expert sales programs which will support businesses in 34 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa. Through this programme, SMEs will receive consultative digital marketing advice from local expert agents. These agents will support them to find new customers and grow their businesses using Facebook and Instagram.

SMEs in the SBG Operation Centre will also receive scheduled phone calls with marketing experts to create personalized and localized marketing plans. These plans will help them accelerate the growth and development of their businesses.

Facebook Speaks on the Centre

Adaora Ikenze, head of public policy, Anglophone West Africa spoke about the program. She stated that over 90 million businesses globally are using Facebook. They are using it to do various things like find new customers, hire employees and engage with their communities. Because of all these digital skills and harnessing those skills, is now very important. She talked about how Facebook is deeply invested in supporting communities like SMBs/SMEs across the country. She talked about how their investment with the SBG Operations Centre further highlights their ongoing commitment to Nigeria, as well as the African continent.


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