Facebook Makes War against Instagram Fake Likes and Followers a Legal Battle


Facebook has been cracking down on Instagram fake likes and followers. They have changed their policies to punish offenders and have also removed the Instagram fake likes and followers from the offender’s account. The decision to crack down comes after advertisers have called on the social network to take action. Recently Facebook has taken further actions by making the battle a legal one. They recently filed a lawsuit against a New Zealand-based company that sells Instagram fake likes and followers. The follower buying service New Zealand Company is called Social Media Series Limited. Not only did Facebook file a suit against Social Media Series Limited, but they also filed a suit against three individuals who reportedly profited from selling the Instagram fake lies and followers.

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About Facebook’s Lawsuit against Social Media Series Limited

According to the suit, Facebook is accusing the defendants of constructing a network of businesses and websites dedicated to the scam, undermining the credibility of one of Facebook’s core products in the process.  According to sources, the social media network only greenlit the suit as a last resort. They had repeatedly warned the defendant’s but the defendants didn’t heed to the warnings. Facebook allegedly suspended accounts associated with the defendants and even sent a formal written warning. As a last resort, the social media network has filed a lawsuit against the defendants.

Facebook Speaks on the Lawsuit

Facebook made the announcement of the lawsuit via the social networks official blog.  According to the director of platform Jessica Romero, they filed the suit as a way to send a message. Jessica stated that they are sending a message that this kind of fraudulent activity will not be tolerated on their platform. She stated that they will act to protect the integrity of their platform.

Facebook has recently stepped up its efforts to crack down on “inauthentic behaviour” on its platforms. Some of which includes removing accounts and pages from Facebook and Instagram in some countries. Some of the countries include India, Pakistan, the Philippines, the U.K., Romania, Iran, Russia, Macedonia and Kosovo.


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