Facebook is Launching Political Ad Checks in Nigeria, Ukraine, EU and India


Facebook recently announced in an interview with Reuters that it will be launching some of its Political Ad Checks in Nigeria, Ukraine, EU and India. The social media network will be applying some of its political advertising rules and tools in these areas. This will help to curb election interference in these countries.

Facebook is Launching Political Ad Checks in Nigeria, Ukraine, EU and India

Facebook and Political Interference

Concerns about election interference have risen especially in this era of social media. The rise in concern about interference was fuelled by the revelations about the volume of disinformation targeted at the 2016 U.S. presidential election. This disinformation was widely distributed by various social media networks most especially Facebook.

Facebook is working hard to rectify this issue, with different political ad checks being launched in different markets with the goal to promote transparency.  Facebook says that these political ad checks are still in learning mode. They have claimed that these political ad checks reflect local laws and conversations with governments and civil society groups. They said that hopefully by June they would have developed a tool that can be applied globally.

How Facebook is launching these Political Ad Checks in the Various Countries

Facebook plans to launch these Political ad checks in the various countries ahead of their elections. In Nigeria, Facebook will be launching an authorization process for political advertisers in Nigeria on the 16th of February. This political ad check works by requiring running political ads to be located in the country. Facebook also plans to launch this same policy in Ukraine next month also ahead of their elections which will hold on the 31st of March.

For India, Facebook plans to launch a searchable online library for elections ads. The ads will be held in the library for seven years, this particular political ad check has been launched in the U.S., Brazil and the U.K The library will contain contact information for some ad buyers or official regulatory certificates.

For individuals who wish to buy political ads, Facebook plans to ensure their listed name matches government-issued identity documents. For the European Union, who would be going to the polls in May, they will be sharing the same Political ad checks as India. They will also have the searchable online library for election ads.


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