Facebook is Changing in a Big Way


At Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference, they recently announced some big changes through the groups CEO and founder. Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at the event and unveiled a new look for the platform on both mobile and desktop. This redesign marks a big change for Facebook since 2011 when the platform introduced the timeline. This Facebook redesign is meant to signal more than surface level changes.

Facebook is Changing in a Big Way

About Facebook’s New Look

One major change is that the new design’s predominant colour isn’t blue, the new predominant colour is white like Instagram. According to Zuckerberg, the new design is meant to be simpler, more streamlined and easier to navigate. Apart from theme colours changing from blue to mainly white, the Facebook icon will also be changing. Zuckerberg described the new icon to be more lively and modern. They will also be re-writing the code for the website and app from scratch to make them faster. Apart from the physical appearance of the redesign the social network is also shifting its focus.

They will now be emphasizing on groups, which will become one of the most active parts of the social network. The social network stated that it will be focusing its attention on groups for the last few years. Their goal is to make communities as central as friends to the whole Facebook experience. The shift to the focus on groups also fits into the social networks new mission which is to become more of a “living room” instead of a “town square.” According to the social network, the redesign will make it easier for people to go from public space to more private ones (like Groups). Groups will be more easily accessible in a new tab at the top of the app and site. They also announced that they will be surfacing group suggestions for users across all of its features like it does for shows on Facebook Watch.

Facebook to Connect All Apps

Zuckerberg also announced that it will be connecting all the apps so that people on Messenger can message people on Instagram and WhatsApp. The messaging app will also have a new “friends” tab which will aggregate stories, the 24-hour video messages, Facebook posts and WhatsApp updates. According to the social network, these changes are part of the “interoperability” strategy. This strategy will ultimately benefit advertisers too. For example, brands will be able to place Stories ads across all the Facebook properties.

Spark AR

The social media network also announced and promoted it augmented reality platform and they opened it to all developers at the event. The platform is called Spark AR and it is similar to Snapchat’s Lens Studio and Google’s ARCore. It allows developers to build augmented reality features that people access through the apps.


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