Facebook Inventory Filter: Facebook Introduces New Filters to Help Drive Brand Safety


Facebook recently announced via a blog post that it will be adding an added brand safety measure. The social networking platform announced that it will be introducing an inventory filter. The Facebook Inventory Filter will offer marketers a more detailed breakdown of what they are buying against. The Facebook Inventory Filter will give buyers more control over where their ads run.

Facebook Inventory Filter: Facebook Introduces New Filters to Help Drive Brand Safety

About the Facebook Inventory Filter

According to Facebook, the Facebook Inventory Filter will give buyers control over where their ads run on across Instant Articles, Audience Network and Facebook in-stream videos. They called it “a more intuitive control” that will give advertisers consistent brand safety profiles across different media. They broke down the Facebook Inventory Filter into 3 categories. The categories include:

  • Limited Inventory: Limited inventory will offer buyers maximum protection, it is very similar to the opt-in category exclusions available today. Buyers can be fully protected against things like bad language etc.
  • Standard Inventory: This will offer buyers moderate protection. It is the default choice when placing ads. This is the same as no category exclusions today.
  • Full Inventory: This inventory filter offers minimal protection and ads may be delivered to all eligible content.

According to the rep from the social networking site, they will be rolling out the feature in the coming weeks. They also stated that the initial testing has been very positive. No additional information’s was given about the new filter.

Facebook and the Introduction of Brand Safety Measures

The decision to introduce this new brand safety measures comes after the platform has received a lot of calls from advertisers asking them to improve their brand safety standards. Especially after the wake of the Christchurch shooting that saw the platform take down 1.5m videos. Facebook has been working on making the platform a safer place. They have been collaborating with Double Verify, Integral Ad Science, IAB and 4A’s to work toward improving brand safety on its platform. In January, the platform introduced brand safety certification for third parties.


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