#EscapeTheClown: Burger King Shelters McDonald’s Customers from Evil Clowns


Burger King, the king of trolling recently launched a new campaign. As you guessed, the fast-food chain is trolling fellow fast-food chain McDonald’s. This new campaign is called #EscapeTheClown and it was created to mark the release of scary clown movie ‘It Number Two.’  Burger King  Germany is responsible for this campaign and they are trying to take down its clown fronted rival. Burger King is taking down its clown-fronted rival by offering its own restaurant as a refuge from clowns.

#EscapeTheClown: Burger King Shelters McDonald’s Customers from Evil Clowns

It is unclear which agency is responsible for the #EscapeTheClown campaign or if the fast-food chain’s in-house marketing team created the campaign. The #EscapeTheClown campaign is created to target McDonald’s customers. They are trying to get their rivals’ customers to leave their restaurants and take refuge in the restaurants.

The #EscapeTheClown campaign is using geo-targeting to get to the McDonald’s customers.  McDonald’s customers will receive ads on Facebook or Twitter. The ads will invite them to open the rival’s movie magazine and scan the IT review with the Burger King app. When the customers scan the IT review, an AR ‘Escape the Clown’ button prompt a red balloon and coupon to float into the screen. The user can then use the coupon to receive a Whopper burger for only one cent.

To heighten the ‘scary’ experience and to create a sense of urgency for customers, the app will calculate a ‘flee and run’ route to the nearest Burger King. They will also be a timer counting down. All this is created to encourage the customer to run into their restaurants.


Burger King Speaks on the #EscapeTheClown Campaign

Burger King Deutschland’s director of marketing, Klaus Schmäing spoke about the campaign. He stated that all guests are welcome at Burger King – including those who flee the clown in fear.

This campaign is very reminiscent of the fast-food chains 2017 campaign. The campaign projected the message “Never Trust a Clown” onto a projection of IT in a provocative stunt.


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