Eco Bank Debit Cards: Everything You Need to Know


The Eco Bank Debit Cards are one of the most recognized products of Eco Bank. With a strong and solid presence in about 220 countries, 25 million stores and business enterprises all over the world, the Eco Bank cards are generally accepted and are so easy to use.

Eco Bank Debit Cards: Everything You Need to Know

The owners of these cards are able to use their cards to make purchases on the internet, on mobile phones, eateries and restaurants, shops, and pay instantly. When you sign up for a personal account on the Eco bank platform, a debit card will be processed and issued to you on your request and you will find that the use of these debit cards fit your everyday lifestyle.

These cards give the card owners steady and available access to their bank account  from any part of the globe. The introduction of these debit cards falls in line with the bank’s goal to meet every expectation of their potential customers and existing clients.

Benefits of Eco Bank Debit Cards

Your Eco Bank Debit Cards are safe and secure cards that come along with numerous benefits and privileges. Your debit cards are available for both personal and business use. So here are the amazing benefits that are available when you use  these cards;

  1. Card owners get an easy and convenient banking experience.
  2. Steady and available customer care service.
  3. Card owners have full-time access to their bank accounts and cash through these debit cards.
  4. Card owners are able to carry out card based transactions through the Eco bank internet banking platform.
  5. Emergency cash replacement.
  6. Emergency cash advance service.
  7. Safe and secure banking activitiesand financial transactions.
  8. It is accepted all over the world.
  9. Available for personal and corporateuse and lots more.

How to Apply for Eco Bank Debit Cards

To apply for the Eco Bank Debit Cards you will need the following:

  1. Intending applicant must be employed with proof of their source of income – this stands in terms of the MasterCard Debit Card.
  2. Copies of passport photographs.
  3. You must have an account with Ecobank.
  4. You have to show a proof of your residential address (utility bill)
  5. Two references will be needed.
  6. A valid proof of identification.

How to Get Eco Bank Debit Cards

To be a certified owner of any Eco Bank Debit Card, you have to visit any Eco bank branch close to you, meet the customer care service and request for one. A short form will be given to you, complete it and submit the form.

When your card is ready it will be issued to you and it is left for you to activate your debit card.

Steps to Activating the  Eco Bank Debit Cards

To activate your newly acquired Eco Bank Debit Card, you have to use the Eco bank ATM.

Insert your new ATM cards and click on change PIN, then you have to type in the new PIN you want to keep using and then follow other steps to activate.


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