EA and Mastercard Push Unilever’s Agenda for an Industry-Wide Cross-Media Measurement Model


Advertisers and industry execs from all over the world are coming together to push Unilever’s Agenda. Advertisers like EA and Mastercard will be coming together to push Unilever’s agenda for an agreed industry-wide metric to measure campaigns across the advertising ecosystem.

About Unilever’s Plan for an Industry Wide Cross-Media Measurement Model

Sometime last year, the FMCG announced its work on a cross-media measurement model. This would be the first of its kind and it would judge the performance of ad campaigns across all publishers and platforms on TV, digital and social media.  According to the FMCG, this model would decide the metrics to measure success rather than letting individual platforms control the metrics they give back to brands.

When the announcement was made platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google jumped on board to help develop the model. Measurement firms like Nielsen and Kantar Media also offered their services for the project.

More on Unilever’s Plan

Unilever’s executive vice-president of global media, Luis di Como spoke to The Drum about the model. He explained that they have already piloted the solution in the UK, US and India. He didn’t go into a lot of detail about the pilot but they are now in the second phase of the project.  This second phase will see the FMCG introducing a version of the solution to other global advertisers. The view is that if every advertiser is using the same agreed cross-media measurement model it will bring consistency and “systemic change” to the way the entire industry judges the effectiveness of their media dollars.

Ben Jankowski, group head of global media at Mastercard, and Belinda Smith, EA’s head of global marketing intelligence, are among the two key industry leaders backing Unilever. Their involvement comes through the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA).

At Advertising Week New York, this week, the WFA will host a closed-door forum. The forum will see platforms like Facebook and Google meet broadcasters like Viacom and NBCU, research companies like MRC, key advertisers and other trade associations including Isba and the Association of National Advertisers to form a set of aligned measurement principles that would apply across all markets.

Unilever Speaks on the Model and Forum

Luis di Como stated that as they look for a global measurement, they have to have a consensus on how they are going to collect and manage all the information. They are doing all this to ensure they don’t have duplicated reach and provide all tools necessary for media planning and buying.  According to him, this forum is basically taking this initiative to make it a wider industry solution.

He talked about how advertiser can’t rely on a soiled approach from each of the publishers and the metrics that are relevant for them.  Comos explained that they need to make choices and use metrics that are relevant [to brands] and not the metrics that are relevant to each of the publishers.


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