DriverCheck: Nigeria’s gets its First Online Driver Verification Service


A new startup called DriverCheck recently launched an online driver verification service. The DriverCheck platform is an easy and reliable driver verification service, it allows users to run background checks on their drivers from the comfort of their homes.

DriverCheck: Nigeria’s gets its First Online Driver Verification Service

About the DriverCheck Platform

The platform has made it easy for employers to get useful information about prospective drivers. They can get this information from the comfort of their homes, the waiting period is also very short. The service is easy to use and is very affordable. The platform was created to help employers make informed decisions about who they employ.

It gives an informative background report not and an investigative background report. With the use of the DriverCheck platform, the employer can reduce the risk they expose themselves to. In a statement by the CEO of DriverCheck, Babs Akinyemi said the platform will solve the nagging problem of identifying staff properly. He spoke about how affordable and reliable the platform is. The CEO explained that with his platform, employers are no longer forced to work with personal staff based on trust alone. He said that they can now make an informed decision because the right tool is now available and the tool is reliable and affordable.

How the DriverCheck Platform Works

The platform is very easy to use, users will need to provide the following information:

  • National Identification Number (NIN) or Biometric Verification Nuber (BVN) of the driver
  • The Driver’s Driver license
  • A passport picture of the driver
  • The address of the prospective employee (if the employee doesn’t have a distinct address, you can provide the newly launched NIPOST Digital Adress)

Once the information has been submitted, the details will then be verified and the result will be delivered to the user within 48 hours of submission. The fee for the service is three thousand naira (N 3000). Employers can also verify the potential employee’s guarantor’s identity and address for a total fee of N 5000. A user can log into to get started. DriverCheck is a very secure and reliable platform, it is powered by Youverify


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