Dove Smashes Idealized Armpits with New Ad


Dove is smashing idealized armpits with its latest campaign. They are smashing the notion of what an ideal armpit looks like by celebrating all types of underarms. With the campaign, the beauty brand is trying to spread the message that there is no idealized norm. The beauty brand is tackling the issue because, for many years, women have been criticized for not having the smooth and hairless underarms. By doing that, society has made smooth and hairless underarms the “ideal underarms”, shaming other women who don’t conform.

Dove Smashes Idealized Armpits with New Ad

About the Campaign Smashing Idealised Armpits

Dove’s latest campaign aims to squash the perfect armpit stereotype by celebrating underarms in all its wonderful forms. The campaign was created with creative agency Ogilvy and was written by Ollie Jarrot. It was art directed by Matt Nankivell and directed by Lisette Donkersloot through Caviar. The campaign will be live across social and digital channels.  In the campaign, we see Dove celebrating 13 women and their underarm, the women are all from different backgrounds.

We see Dove celebrate different types of armpits in the campaign. They celebrate hairy, dyed, lasered, tattooed, smooth, glittered, scarred, darken and underarms with vitiligo. In the ad, we see the 13 women share their views on underarms.  One lady says she wishes the ‘ideal underarm’ didn’t exist. Another woman says that her underarms do not define her womanhood. Every narrative seeks to help women feel confident and uninhibited. The ad seeks to inspire women to show them off and not be ashamed to do so.

Dove and Ogilvy Talk about the Campaign

Kath Swallow, global brand vice-president, Dove Deodorants at Unilever spoke about the campaign. She talked about how it is inspiring to see such a confident group of women share their underarm stories in such a powerful way.  Swallow says that though it seems that underarms are a small element on our body, studies have shown that there’s a lot of pressure for them to look a certain way. The pressure can affect self-esteem and confidence. She hopes that the campaign will inspire others to feel confident and embrace their underarms however they are or however they choose to have them.

Dede Laurentino, chief creative officer at Ogilvy UK also spoke about campaign. He stated that sharing powerful stories and showcasing a real purpose has always been at the heart of Dove. He talked about how Women’s underarms have been close to a taboo for too long. Laurentino stated that he is happy to see the beauty brand addressing the topic in such a liberating way.


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