Dove Launches New Campaign to Tackle Stigma Surrounding Skin Conditions in Singapore


Dove the Unilever owned skincare brand recently launched a campaign in Singapore. The campaign aims to tackle the stigma surrounding surround skin conditions in Singapore. With, the campaign we see Dove trying to address the issues people who have skin conditions go through. To help promote the campaign, Dove released a campaign which features 4 women who are living with skin conditions in Singapore.

Dove Launches New Campaign to Tackle Stigma Surrounding Skin Conditions in Singapore

About Dove’s New Ad that Tackles Stigma Surrounding Skin Conditions in Singapore

Dove’s new campaign was created by creative agency Goodstuph. In the ad that accompanies the campaign, we see the skin care brand highlight the plight of four women who are suffering from eczema. These four women are named Germaine, Zoe, Beatrice and Rachel. They each share their journey with coping with their skin in their daily lives. We hear them talk about finding out about their conditions, they talk about how the conditions affected them emotionally and how the viewed themselves because of the conditions. Finally, they talk about accepting the conditions and learning that the skin condition doesn’t affect their beauty.

With this campaign, Dove is hoping that they will be able to address the stigma surrounding skin. They want to inspire skin sufferers to live their life without fear of judgment. The Unilever owned brand also hopes to educate the society not to avoid people and stigmatize people with skin conditions. The campaign will be run in cinemas, out-of-home and Dove Singapore’s social media platforms.

Video of When was the last time you fought? by Dove

Unilever and Goodstuph Speaks about the Campaign

Shermaine Chen, the marketing manager for Singapore at Unilever spoke about the campaign. She stated that though Dove DermaSeries delivers dry skin and eczema relief, they understand that making peace with chronic skin conditions goes beyond the physical. Chen spoke about all the emotions behind the years of struggle that leads to the strength of coming to terms with the conditions. She stated that they hope that the stories of Germaine, Beatrice, Rachel and Zoe can inspire more skin sufferers to make peace with their skin.

Pat Law, the founder of Goodstuph also spoke about the campaign. She stated that the Unilever owned brand Dove had always stood out in their ability to connect with consumers. They have always connected with consumers on a genuinely human level. For their DermaSeries, they wanted to dispel misconceptions skin sufferers face. They also wanted to share their stories in a way that would connect with every consumer.


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