Dove Chocolates Celebrates Bold Women in New Valentine Campaign


Dove Chocolates recently launched 2 new campaigns, the campaigns are the biggest advertising effort in recent years from the brand. The campaigns introduce a new line of chocolate bars and celebrate Valentine’s Day.  The first campaign from BBDO New York aims to celebrate the bold, unapologetic, pleasure-seeking women of today. The campaign is anchored with a tagline that says “The chocolate bar for the bold us.” To promote the first campaign, Dove Chocolates released 2 spots.

About the Daisy Spot

In Dove chocolates first spot for its “bold” campaign, we see 3 men at a flower shop looking for the perfect bouquet for their perfect women. They each describe how perfect their woman is and when separate florists ask what her name is. The 3 men all call out Daisy in unison, the camera then cuts to Daisy. Daisy is at her home, eating a Dove Chocolate bar surrounded by flowers.

Daisy Video by Dove Chocolate

About the Soul mate Spot

In the brand’s second spot to celebrate the bold woman, we see a man playing at a park with a child. The child runs to a woman who he tries to hit on, she then calls him out pointing out the fact that the child doesn’t belong to him. She points out that he was using the child as a secret weapon to try to pick her up. As they walk away together, she eats a Dove chocolate bar while returning her own secret weapon which is a dog to its owner.

Soulmates video by Dove Chocolates

In the second campaign, Dove Chocolates which is a digital Valentine’s Day campaign. The brand also celebrates the spirit of boldness in women. Dove Chocolates tries to show women what it looks like when they don’t wait for anyone else to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They also release two spots, to celebrate this Valentine’s Day campaign. Dove Chocolates takes the campaign to social media with a hashtag title #SetTeddyFree.

About the #SetTeddyFree Spots

In the two spots, a woman is in the store at Valentine’s aisle as she picks up her Dove Chocolate. A The voiceover states,  “Every time a woman buys her own chocolate on Valentine’s Day, she sets a teddy bear free to follow its heart”. In the first spot, the end of the ad shows the teddy playing in a jazz club while the second shows the teddy painting a landscape.

Video of Set Teddy Free Painter by Dove Chocolate
Video of Set Teddy Jazz Club by Dove Chocolate


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