Doritos Flexes Its Iconic Status by Dropping Its Name and Logo


Doritos is flexing its iconic status with its latest marketing stunt. The chip brand is heavily banking on its iconic status of both its product and packaging by dropping its name and logo. The chip brand’s latest campaign which is called “Another Level” will see them dropping its name, logo and tagline as they flex their iconic status. Doritos new campaign might seem like a cocky move but it is a well thought out move from the chip brand.

Doritos Flexes Its Iconic Status by Dropping Its Name and Logo

The brand is hoping to appeal to Gen Z with this new campaign. Generation Z goes to a lot of lengths to avoid advertising. Lengths like ad blockers, cord-cutting and incognito browsers etc. Armed with this information, the chip brand is looking for new ways to get their brand names and logos in front of the very hard to reach Gen Z.

Doritos Flexes Its Iconic Status by Dropping Its Name and Logo

Doritos ‘Another Level’ campaign was created to appeal to Generation Z. The campaign aims to ignite consumers to take what they love to ‘Another Level’.  The campaign will see the chip brand remove its logo from its advertising and social content. Instead, the brand will be building the brand with its iconic triangle design and the words ‘Logo Goes Here’. Doritos is hoping that fans recognize the classic colours of its bag, the chip-shaped icon and other notable Doritos attributes, like cheese dust, in its new campaign.

The ‘Another level campaign is the largest digital investment Doritos has done for a brand equity campaign. The campaign featured a YouTube ad called ‘Anti Ad’. It was created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, the ad was released during the MTV’s Video Music Awards. The whole ad relies on Doritos unique shape and place in popular. In the ad, we see the chip bags with the logos are blurred out, and a big OOH sign with ‘Logo Goes Here’ on the side of a building.

More Details about the Another Level Campaign

Apart from the Anti Ad, there will also be a series of TV and digital spots that include no logos or mentions of the brand. During the campaign, all Doritos social channels will remove their logos and brand mentions, including all previous content, and new content will be crowdsourced by fans. They will give fans the chance to create and share what ‘Another Level’ means to them with the #LogoGoesHere hashtag.

Fans can also ‘triangle themselves’ with a Snapchat lens, and even will be replaced with Seeing as the chip brand has targeted youth throughout its advertising history, leaning into Gen-Z’s disdain for ads was a smart choice.


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