DKK Nigeria Add 3 New Accounts to Its Portfolio


DKK Nigeria the 360-degree communications company recently added 3 new accounts to its portfolio. DKK Nigeria added Alpha mead, Stardom Nigeria Reality Show and to its portfolio.

DKK Nigeria Add 3 New Accounts to Its Portfolio
Source: Whirlwind Plus Limited

How DKK Nigeria Won the 3 Accounts

The 3 different wins for DKK Nigeria doesn’t come easy, they beat out other agencies in different pitches to win the 3 different accounts. For the account, they beat another unnamed agency. For the Alphamead project, they beat 4 other agencies to get the new account. However, the Stardom Nigeria Reality Show business was not conducted as an open pitch. The Stardom Nigeria account was awarded to them as a result of a past relationship with producers of the show. They had worked with the producer Note Inc. previously on another show. They Stardom producers were impressed with their previous work and decided them award them their new project.

In a statement by the Chief Executive of DKK Tope Jemrigbe, she expressed the excitement that the agency felt after winning the accounts. She said that the DKK Nigeria agency won the accounts because their clients recognized the valuable services they would render. She says their clients saw how determined DKK was to contributing to the companies grow their businesses. DKK Nigeria will be offering the 3 accounts all its 360 communications services. The services include advertising, public relations and digital/social marketing services.

Who is DKK Nigeria?

DKK Nigeria is a 360-degree communications company, it was founded in 1977and is located in Lagos Nigeria. The offer advertising, public relations and digital/social marketing services. Their client portfolio includes Master card, Alomo bitters, MTN, Samsung, NLPC PFA and Roche.

Who is Alphamead?

Alpha Mead is a facility management services company. It was founded in 2006. Their primary focus is to provide Facility Management Services, Project Management and Real Estate Development Consultancy, and Training services.

Who is is an online livestock market and listing platform that brings buyers, sellers, ranchers, livestock merchants, veterinary professionals, logistic companies and financial service providers. It was just recently launched and is located in Lagos Nigeria.

Who is the Stardom Nigeria Reality Show?

Stardom Nigeria reality TV show is a platform that primarily seeks to unearth unpolished gems with the potential to contribute a new sound to the music industry.



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