Disneyland Paris’s The Little Duck Melts Hearts Everywhere


Disneyland Paris recently released a new campaign called the Little Duck. The beautifully written and heartwarming spot tugs at the heartstrings. The campaign was created by the agency BETC Paris. The TV spot was preceded by a Twitter post from Disneyland Paris. In the Twitter post-Disneyland sent out a request for users to help find a little duckling, stating it was lost. Two days later Disneyland announced that the duckling had been found.  After which the new spot The Little Duck was released.

Disneyland Paris’s The Little Duck Melts Hearts Everywhere

About Disneyland Paris’s Spot the Little Duck

The ad starts with a duckling wandering about, as he chases a butterfly he discovers a Donald Duck comic book. As he reads through the comic book, he falls in love with the famous Disney Character.  Donald Duck quickly becomes the little duck’s idol and he begins to imitate the beloved Disney character. As seasons change, we can see the little duck still infatuated with Donald Duck until winter finally comes. The duckling and his family have to fly south for winter, as they go he tries to carry his beloved comic. But it is too heavy and falls in the water.

Our very cute protagonist is shown to be very sad to be without his comic as he flies away.  He and his family fly away through a storm and it gets too heavy until they are eventually struck down. They find shelter and in the next morning as the duckling goes wandering in his new location, he bumps into Donald Duck at Disneyland Paris. He is so excited and he charges and gives his hero a hug. The beautiful heartwarming spot was backed by the song The Impossible Dream by The Quest

What We Think About the Little Duck Spot by Disneyland Paris

The spot by Disneyland Paris was so brilliant. It melted the hearts of everyone who watched it. With this spot, Disney was able to leverage their excellent storytelling skills, something they are admired and known for around the world. The spot was very simple but was still able to capture the magical essence of Disney and Disneyland. This spot was so charming with a protagonist whose curtness was too much to handle. With this spot, Disney was able to accurately capture the utter joy every child and human feels when they finally meet their Disney heroes at Disney land.


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