Diamond Bank Debit Cards: How to Get Started


Diamond bank is well-known across Africa, it is one of Nigeria’s premier and most trusted financial institutions that offer credit cards to account owners.  A debit card is one of the cards that are linked directly to your checking account. This card can be used in place of a credit card, this means that this card will be accepted anywhere a credit card will be accepted. This card uniquely gives you access to your account at any of the ATM or merchant locations around you. All debit cards are associated with one of the biggest credit card companies around. These debit cards usually carry a visa or master card logo.

Diamond Bank Debit Cards: How to Get Started

On receiving this card, you would also be given the choice to choose a four digit pin which will be required whenever you want to make transactions with the card. When making transactions with a debit card, the merchant automatically place a hold on your account for the request of the amount you both agreed on.

With the diamond bank debit card, you can gain access to your funds from any ATM location in the world, you can make transactions using this card in over 200 countries in Africa. The diamond bank offers three types of debit cards, they are;

  • Naira classic debit card
  • USD and GBP debit card
  • Naira signature debit card


  • Naira classic debit card: this debit card is issued to only current and savings account owners at diamond bank. You can open any of these accounts and instantly get a debit card. This card gives the holder twenty-four hours access to available cash in their account, this card also gives the holders a convenient and secure means of payment. Enjoy worldwide acceptance with three years validity. Using this card, you can also get a discount at various merchant centres.

Description: the naira classic debit card gives you a maximum withdrawal of one hundred and fifty thousand naira daily.You can also spend a maximum of two hundred thousand naira daily on POS and onthe web. The card maintenance fee is fifty naira per month.

  • Naira signature debit card: this card is one ofthe cards that provides you with a different level of spending options with quality rewards.


  1. You can experience a VIP guest status at the best rate in up to nine hundred luxurious hotels anywhere in the world. You can navigate to www.visaluxuryhotels.comand take advantage of this benefit.
  2. Also, enjoy good coverage when you or anyone of your relative needs medical attention when travelling overseas. You can also get insurance for whatever item you purchase using this card.

There are many more benefits which I cannot list now, but when you acquire the card visit https://visacards.africa/ and follow the steps you see to get instant access to all these benefits


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