Diageo Dedicates $219m to Sustainability Projects in Africa


Diageo the manufacturers of Guinness recently announced that it will be dedicating $219m to sustainability projects in Africa. They have committed themselves to invest $219million in renewable energy upgrades at 11 of its breweries in Africa. This move falls in line with the brewer’s largest environmental investment in a decade.

Diageo Dedicates $219m to Sustainability Projects in Africa

Diageo Dedicates $219m to Sustainability Projects in Africa

The goal of Diageo’s commitment to sustainability is to reduce its carbon footprint and help address climate change. Diageo plans to ensure its brewery sites are the most carbon and water-efficient as possible. Their investment will deliver new solar energy, biomass power and water recovery initiatives at the breweries. It will bring new infrastructure designed to improve the long-term sustainability of the company’s African supply chain in seven countries.

Diageo’s $219m investment will include:

  • A commitment to switch to renewable energy at three African breweries in Kenya and Uganda.
  • New biomass boilers will replace heavy fuel oil using sustainable fuel alternatives such as wood chip and rice husks to create steam power for the breweries, reducing carbon emissions by 42,000 tonnes (the equivalent of taking tens of thousands of cars off the road).
  • New water recovery, purification and reuse facilities across five sites in Africa, including in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria, saving over two billion cubic litres of water a year.
  • Solar installations to provide renewable electricity at 12 breweries across six countries. These solar panels will produce up to 20% of each brewery’s electricity demand.

More Details about Diageo’s Investment in Sustainability

The investment will cover 11 sites in seven countries. These countries include Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Seychelles and Ghana. The brewer has already begun to adopt sustainable practices in its operations. Its new brewery Kimsumu in Kenya has already had solar power and water treatment facilities installed. By doing this the brewer is trying to ensure its operations have minimal impact from their start.

Diageo Speaks on Its Sustainability Goals and Investments

Ivan Menezes, Diageo’s CEO spoke on the brewer’s investment in sustainability in Africa. He talked about how they believe this is one of the biggest single investments in addressing climate change issues across multiple sub-Saharan markets. He stated that the investment demonstrates the strength of their commitment to pioneer grain-to-glass sustainability. It also demonstrates their commitment to positively impact the communities in which they live and work.

He also talked about how the brewer has a responsibility as a local manufacturer and employer in Africa to grow their business sustainably.


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