DEWnited States: Mtn Dew Made 50 bottle Designs, One for Each US State


Mountain Dew recently launched a new campaign to celebrate what makes the United States great. The campaign involved releasing a limited edition bottle series which represent all 50 US states. The collection is called DEWnited States Collection and the campaign will run all through summer. Mtn Dew’s DEWnited States Collection and the accompanying campaign was Influenced by DEW fans and the pride they have in their home states. Each collectable bottle from the DEWnited States Collection features artwork unique to the state it represents. The agencies that worked on the campaign include BBDO New York, which handled the TV and digital creative; and Motive, which oversaw label design and static creative.

DEWnited States: Mtn Dew Made 50 bottle Designs, One for Each US State

About the DEWnited States Collection and the Campaign

To promote DEWnited States Collection and campaign, Mtn Dew has created more than 450 unique creative assets. These assets cuts across the campaign, they include video content, digital and social ads, in-store displays and more. They have been all been customized for each state. As part of the campaign, the brand is also launching 50 unique, 15-second digital advertisements.  The spots were created to bring the artwork from each of the labels to life in animated short films.  Each of the spots also includes an adaptation of “America the Beautiful” by all-female rock group BOYTOY. It was recorded specially for this campaign.

Mtn Dew also plans to bring each unique element of the bottle art to life by using DEWnited States Snapchat filters. They will also be partnering with key national retailers who will offer customized DEWnited States gear and augmented reality experiences. The bottles featuring all 50 states will be available in every state. But home state bottles will have wider distribution.

Mtn Dew is Offering $100 When You Collect All 50 Limited Edition Bottles

As part of the push for the campaign and collection, Mtn Dew is also offering a $100 pre-paid gift card to fans who are able to collect all 50 bottles. To earn the gift card, fans purchase specially marked DEWnited States products, visit, enter the code, scan the label and get a $100 pre-paid gift card.

Mtn Dew Speaks about the Campaign

According to the brand, they sourced for the ideas for the label images by tapping into its 500 person consumer panel called Green Room. The brand usually runs ideas by this consumer panel. To gain insight on the campaign, they asked them what they loved most about their states, what the most iconic things about their states were and what were the things were most recognizable and ownable to the state.


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