DDB Launches New Visual Identity in Honour of Its 70th Anniversary


DDB recently unveiled a new visual identity in honour of its 70th Anniversary. The new visual identity is an effort from the agency to get back to its roots. DDB’s new visual identity is deeply grounded and inspired by the agency’s roots and heritage. Before it was unveiled to the public, the new identity was first revealed internally at a global conference in Miami.

DDB Launches New Visual Identity in Honour of Its 70th Anniversary

What to Know about DDB’s New Visual Identity

Like it said earlier, the agency’s new identity is deeply grounded in their roots and heritage. DDB’s new logo is a revamped version of its first logo. According to the agency, the new visual identity captures the essence of who they are as an agency. It acts as an outward symbol of the agency’s thinking, work and people. The new logo uses the agency’s full name Doyle Dane Bernbach instead of its popular initials DDB. According to the agency, the decision to use their first name was a deliberate decision. They wanted to differentiate their agency from current trends while still paying tribute to its roots.

By not following the popular industry trend of not shorten their names, the agency is doubling down on the values of the founders Doyle Dane and Bernbach These values are creativity and humanity. Apart from going to its roots, the DDB’s new visual identity is a response to the recent restructuring that has seen the dismantling storied agencies like in the WPP network with Wunderman and J. Walter Thompson. Their new logo was created by DDB’s North American design team. According to the agency, it is a great example of the agency’s design capabilities. The agency plans to use the new logo as a frame for its various global offices. The global offices can then make it into their own to reflect their work, local geography and clients.

DDB Speaks on New Visual Identity

Ari Weiss the Chief Creative Officer of North America spoke about the new visual identity. He talked about how the Bernbach was the founder of the creative revolution, he stated that this new identity puts creativity right back at the centre of the agency. Weiss talked about how other global networks were doubling down on tech and efficiency while they have chosen to double down on humanity and creativity.

Wendy Clarke the CEO of the agency also spoke about the new identity. She stated that great brands have a foot in their past and a foot in the future. The new identity according to her perfectly captures their heritage, legacy, their contemporary thinking, the work they are known for currently and positions them for the future they intend to claim.

Barry Quinn the agency’s Chief Design Officer stated that their new identity is contemporary and is strategically designed for today’s needs. He stated that the log still retains a strong link to their visual history. He explained that the new logo is more than a symbol, that it is a canvas for the creativity of their network.


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