Darren Criss Stars in Taco Bell’s Latest Nacho Fries Campaign


Taco Bell has brought back its limited-edition product the Nacho Fries. As we would expect the announcement was accompanied with yet another hilarious “movie trailer.” This trailer features award-winning Glee and The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story actor Darren Criss. This new “movie” is called Chasing Gold and it was created by creative agency and partner Deutsch. The spot is set in the music business.

Darren Criss Stars in Taco Bell’s Latest Nacho Fries Campaign

About Darren Criss’s and Taco Bell’s Chasing Gold Ad for Nacho Fries

The Chasing Golf spot stars Darren Criss and is an aspirational rise and fall story. We see Darren Criss as a singer who gets his break after being discovered by an agent. The agent is played by comedian Chris Diamontopoulos. The agent hears Darren Criss’s character singing about his deep love of Nacho Fries in an alley. His career takes off from there but it comes crashing down when it’s discovered that he can’t sing about anything other than Nacho Fries.

The spot acts as an analogy, that like fame Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries doesn’t last. The spots lyrics also demonstrate the analogy. For example “how can I find a way without your Mexican spice,” “the melt of your cheese brought me to my knees,” and “maybe love only lasts for a limited time.” The spot will run in movie theatres. The brand also has plans for an appearance at the MTV Movie Awards. They are also getting the 3-minute ballad, “Love of My Life,” played on iHeart radio.

Video of Chasing Gold by Taco Bell

Taco Bell Speaks on the Limited Nature of Its Nacho Fries and How it Works for the Brand

Taco Bell’s chief global brand officer Marisa Thalberg spoke on the limited nature of the Nacho Fries. She stated the whole concept has proven to be successful. Thalberg stated that the brand loves the idea of the Nacho Fries being limited and its accompanying trailers. She stated that they love the idea because it seems to have an enormous amount of potential and legs. She talked about how it’s nice for them to be able to stick to a certain type of genre and build that anticipation for consumers along with the product itself.

Any time Taco Bell advertises its Nacho Fries it is always accompanied by a “movie” trailer. The first one was advertised with a “movie” called “Web of Fries” which starred Josh Duhamel. The next spot was called “Web of Fries II: Franchise Wars,” and also featured Josh Duhamel. Before this current spot, they released another spot which starred James Marsden and it was called “Nacho Fries: Retrieval.” The trailers and the Nacho Fries seem to be a huge hit among fans and would be a permanent fixture in the brand’s marketing strategy.


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