Danone and Spotify Partner for New Bespoke Campaign for Light and Free Yogurt Line


Danone recently announced that it will be launching its Light and Free Yogurt Line. To help launch the Light and Free Yogurt Line, Danone announced that it will be partnering with Spotify. Danone and Spotify will be working together on a campaign to launch the Light and Free Yogurt line. The campaign is called Light and Free Ink.

About the Light and Free Ink Campaign for Danone’s Light and Free Yogurt Line

The Danone and Spotify campaign will run for about a month. The campaigned is aimed at 18-34-year-olds, the campaign will see 4 British artists design bespoke packaging for the Light and Free Yogurt line. Each of these British artist all come from a different artistic discipline, such as Street art, graphic design and illustration. Artists Nerone who is a graffiti artist will lend his designs to the Light and Free Yogurt packaging. Other artist who will lend their designs include Morag Mysercough a designer, Justin Poulter an illustrator and lettering artist and Neil Stevens a graphic artist.

Apart from the bespoke packaging for the Light and Free Yogurt line, each artist will create a playlist. The playlist created by the artists will only be accessible through a unique Spotify code which will be on the Light and Free Yogurt Packs. Spotify will also run video and display ads on the Spotify Platform to drive listeners to the hub with artist–created playlists.

Daone and Spotify Speak On the Campaign

Rakesh Patel the head of UK Sales at Spotify spoke about the campaign. He stated that Spotify loved working with Danone and Wavemaker as they have done previously. He spoke about how great the campaign was and how it really helped to emphasize how brands can tap into their highly engaged audience in a creative and personalized way

Marine De Chanterac the brand manager of Danone also spoke about the campaign and the partnership. She spoke about how the Light and Free brand stands for positivity and self-expression and talked about how the brand is excited to be celebrating the stand with the limited edition packaging. De Chanterac praised the 4 UK-based artists, calling them incredible. She explained that each artist lent their unique style to design 2 of the 8 flavours in the line. She spoke about how they each brought their creative talent the playful line. De Chanterac also spoke about how each of the designs will be brought to life through digital, in-store and TV to celebrate each of the 8 flavours and the personality of the Light and Free brand


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