Danish Beverage Company Launches SMA SHOTS into the Nigerian Market


A Danish Beverage company called Spivi recently launched a new product into the Nigerian Market. Spivi launched a new product called SMA SHOTS. SMA SHOTS is an alcoholic beverage, a spirit to be precise.

Danish Beverage Company Launches SMA SHOTS into the Nigerian Market


Spivi’s brand SMA SHOTS come in two flavours which are strawberry flavour and a strong menthol flavour. The strawberry flavour comes in a red bottle while the menthol flavour comes in a black bottle. The bottles are both packaged in an angelic and longer than normal bottle. Its bottles have a spiral design that’s reminiscent of a bullseye.

SMA SHOTS has a lower alcohol content when compared to other alcoholic spirits. According to the brand, the drink is very tasty and special crafted to appeal to a more youthful crowd. The brand’s target audience seems to be Millenials.

Spivi in Nigeria

Nigeria is the first African country that Spivi is launching its brand. Before its launch in Nigeria, the brand has been exported to various countries. These countries include Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Japan and Iceland.

In Nigeria, the distribution of the alcoholic beverage will be handled by First Bottling Limited. The brand will focus its marketing and distribution in the Lagos market. They want to establish a strong footprint in Lagos before rolling out to other locations.

The brand should be successful in the Nigerian market seeing as it’s one of the most popular brands in Denmark. Its global rollout is now underway, with China recently added to the list.

The Brand Speaks about its Launch in Nigeria

Mr Sebastian Gronskov, CEO of SMA SHOTS talked about the product and its launch in Nigeria. According to him, they chose Nigeria as the first African country because it is such a dynamic market and the biggest in Africa. Gronskov explained that they wanted to make sure the brand works well in Africa and Nigeria is an ideal testing ground.’’

Tosin Obafemi, Head of Distributors in Nigeria also spoke about the brand. He stated that the brand is a premium brand and it is the best in its category. According to Obafemi, they are the first to introduce a brand like this in Nigeria and they are looking at getting it across the states in the next six months.


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