CWAY Cheers Cocktail: CWAY Branches into the Alcoholic Beverage Line


CWAY Foods and Beverages Nigeria Limited, recently launched a new Alcoholic beverage into the Nigeria market. The company is popular for fruit based milk drinks like Nutri-Milk, Nutri-Yo and most popularly bottled water and dispenser water. The food and Beverage Company has decided to branch out and has launched a Ready-to-drink cocktail called Cheers Cocktail.

CWAY Cheers Cocktail: CWAY Branches into the Alcoholic Beverage Line

About the CWAY Cheers Cocktail:

The newly launched CWAY Cheers Cocktail comes in 2 flavors. They are the Rose and Peach cocktails. The CWAY Cheers Cocktail’s come packaged in a 350ml PET bottle. It contain a 4.5% alcoholic volume, The Rose CWAY Cheers Cocktail is made from blue rose flower while the Peach cocktail is made from peach fruit.  With the CWAY Cheers Cocktail, CWAY’s target market are Adults. They believe that the cocktail will be best enjoyed by adults who want to wind down after work or are on a night out with friends at a party or event. According to Mr. Wang Bing the General Manger the CWAY cheers cocktail is a premium brand that’s mixed with deep passion, dedication and with modern technology. He said the drink will appeal to both male and female adults.

CWAY Cheers Cocktail: CWAY Branches into the Alcoholic Beverage Line

CWAY Speaks about the Cheers Cocktail at Launch

At the launch of the new CWAY Cheers Cocktail, Mr Ekpo Udeme the Lagos Regional Sales Manager who represented the Sales Director Mr Will Li spoke at the event. He said that the cocktail is a first in her category. Udeme spoke about how the brand has a promising future, encouraging all trade channels to invest in the brand. Stating that the brand was a good return on investment.

The launch of the Cheers Cocktail is an important milestone for CWAY and the Nigeria Beverage Market. The CWAY cocktail is the first every alcoholic cocktail with the natural flavor of Rose and Peach to ever be produced. CWAY now joins a growing list of companies in ever growing industry such as Nigerian Breweries Plc with an amazing roster of brands such as the Star Radler, Ace series, Strongbow and Guinness Nigeria Plc with its portfolio that includes Smirnoff Ice and other variants like Snapp Apple drink, Orijin, among others.


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