Coty and Its Media Agency are Testing a Retail- Ranking Tool


The Drum recently reported that Coty the fragrance and beauty brand together with its media agency Zenith are pioneering and testing a new tool. The Coty and Zenith tool analyses the e-commerce offerings of UK retailers to report where it should send traffic from its digital ads.

Coty and Its Media Agency are Testing a Retail- Ranking Tool

How the Coty and Zenith Retail- Ranking Tool Works

With the tool, brands can ensure that they are sending the right traffic to the right places. The Coty and Zenith retail-ranking tool scores retailers on over 20 different key variables to determine which the best place to send the traffic is. Some of the variables include web page speed, checkout ease, mobile readiness, media solution and share of category search. The tools also look at the different terms of the commercial relationships it has with each of the retailers on its book. With the help of the tool, Coty is able to determine and judge which retailer each brand should push its paid media traffic to. They are able to determine where to invest their digital trade budgets to push both category and profitable growth.

The tool is currently being tested in the UK if the tool proves to be efficient. They plan to roll it out globally. The tool seems to already be effective, seeing that within the fragrances category alone Coty has seen online sales rise by 17 per cent versus flat sales offline.

Coty Speaks on the Retail Ranking Tool

Jamie Parker the e-commerce directory of Coty’s Luxury Division spoke about the tool and the brand’s strategy. He spoke about how E-commerce is a strategic priority for Coty, stating that the brand has been working with Zenith to find synergies between their media and retail sides. Parker spoke about how the brand wanted to ensure that they were sending the right traffic to the right places in brand approved ways.

According to Parker, it’s still too soon to talk about quantifiable benefits but they have been able to acknowledge the value of media they have. It has also helped them to properly explain why they are sending traffic to some of their partners. According to Parker, the tool has helped them shift from awareness driving to performance driving. Speaking on the retailers ranking on the too, Parker mentioned that they were seeing some of the less household name retailer’s rank highs. He explained that there’s no relationship between the size of the retailer and their ranks.

Zenith Speaks on the Retail- Ranking Tool

Cassandra Stevens, the global commerce director at Zenith gave a statement about the tool. She stated that as retailers are becoming digital publishers, it becomes crucial they are held accountable to the same standards as digital media. She said that they are increasingly able to place the level of scrutiny on retailers and retail media that is placed on traditional publishers. Stevens stated that the tool is a step forward in the bid to break down the silos between sales and marketing which will help drive growth for brands.


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