Corona Makes a Statement about Pollution with a Trash Wall at Ipanema Beach


As we know trash in the ocean has become a major global issue. It adversely affects the aquatic life, a lot of the trash wash up on the beaches and turns them into wastelands. The trash that washes up on the beach also affect land animals and turns the once beautiful beaches to waste dumps. A lot of brands and agencies are calling attention to these issues and are trying to combat the problem. Corona decided to lend its voice to help combat the pollution by building a Trash wall at Ipanema Beach. The Trash wall was designed to address the threat of plastic pollution in our seas.

Corona Makes a Statement about Pollution with a Trash Wall at Ipanema Beach

About Corona’s Trash Wall

Corona built the Trash Wall at Ipanema Beach, one of Brazil’s most famous beaches. They used the trash wall to block off surfers from the Ipanema Beach. The Trash wall was created with the creative agency Soko in a partnership with Mutato. The wall is part of a global deal between Corona and NGO Parley of the Oceans that aims to protect the sea from plastic garbage.

The wall which measures 15 meters of length by 2 meters of height was built with plastic trash. It was built with plastic trash that was removed from Impanema Beach from only 3 days. It was artistically designed and painted with sea-blue and the plastic trash dominating the centre. The rest was mixed in like sea glass. The trash wall had a sign in front of it that read: “One day, the trash left on the beach will stop you from getting into it.” It is designed to raise awareness of the ecological threat to the world’s seas from plastic. The wall was also created to draw attention to the fight against maritime pollution caused by plastic in the oceans. According to Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the World Economic Forum, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea.

Other Efforts from Corona to Raise Awareness about Ocean Pollution

This is not the first time Corona would be making a statement against pollution through art. Sometime last year, the premium beer brand and a charity showcased a “wave of waste” sculpture also made from trash. The sculpture also appeared as part of an out-of-home installation at Old Street, London. The activation also featured Australian actor Chris Hemsworth surfing in the billboard image as the plastic wave rolled out into the third dimension. Other OOH activations were run in countries around the world, including Australia, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Peru.


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